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Daily Archives: June 1, 2015

The Dinosaurs

Pins And Needles-promote yourself



No means to afford the psychotropic medications

The wheel is turning

A plot off course

Keel without rudder

Braving storms in circles

Tossed about taking hits

Warm hand in hand

Tender Voice Speaking…

But can’t hear a thing above the roar of a fierce wind

Firm grip

held close

Yet still…

Beyond reach


The breaking heart

Suffering in silence

Pain without violence

No bruises



broken bones


Seen from afar

In wheelchairs

On crutches

Countenances belying

Being gripped in anguish’s clutches

Becomes known


The torn garments

The stained Filthy rags

The weathered  jeans

Too tender on the skin

To want to exchange for new


The physical threats

The pushes and shoves

The jostling about

Fitful night dreams

Night sweats

Tossed and turned

The fill

The agitation

The cleansing cycle

The spin

The rinse

The tumbling dry

The ironing

The sorting

The hanging

The storing


When all is said and done

Still picking lint from each other’s clothes

And Bloodstains remain…

On brand new dress shirts

From a few pins left in it

And if it doesn’t fit

Once removed…

How can one ever get it to go back

Neatly  folded

Into a clear protective sleeve?


Once made aware of

The only freedom

Freely given

At great cost


We find fault in others

While history blaringly declares

We have burned, beheaded, hung, tortured

Marched against

Slain our own…

Time and again

Just as we do now

Infiltrated by treachery


Closing the gap of striking distance

Betrayed with a kiss


Eagles, hawks and owls ever vigil

Observe in silence

On fence-posts

Sweeping Corners

you swept my soul clean
digging into the corners
with an old straw broom. 

splintered handle held
in calloused, gentle fingers
moving dust around.
motes travel quickly
swirling faeries in sunlight
each a piece of me.
By Leslie Noyes at
Praying for Eyebrowz

Epiphanies (Chris Zithulele Mann) – Yourfavourite poem




If suffering, its persistence

is a mystery

then so is joy.


Walking at dawn I found its music

drenching me utterly,


and couldn’t convey

more than a trace of it,


a man with headphones, stepping out a subway


leaping with a laugh in the air.



Whoever grew wise without sorrow?


Whoever loved

unless they trusted enough to bleed?


And who understood

till they’d shivered in fright at their ignorance?


Like dew

smoking off the bumpers of parked cars


such epiphanies

from time to momentary time



then evaporate.

Chris Zithulele Mann






In the meadow I sat alone

Beneath the swaying trees

With pollen drifting all around

It was then I began to sneeze,

The air was filled with silence

On my face was a gentle breeze

I felt so relaxed sitting there

I started eating my bread and cheese,

I then thought of the needy

among the falling leaves

I was so overcome

That I fell down to my knees

By Malcolm Bradshaw

Logging Out – Promote Yourself


Logging Out

Good old Facebook

Leaves you struggling to face your book

Or is it the language on Twitter

Which makes you shiver and dither?

My weak will makes me decide

To flow with the wrong tide

Then a Messiah suddenly appears

And I have got to tidy my affairs

‘Your best bet’ to me he says

‘Is to log out of this space’

Come apart and rest awhile

Or you might just well fall apart

There is this place of all places

With luscious greens and friendly faces

Where you can recollect and reconnect

Better than on LinkedIn or any other connect

It was truly as he said

I will never forget all that I heard

‘Friend, what are you doing romping nigh

When you should be flying high?

Burning all that time on the internet

Instead of building a lovely nest

Make a statement if you please

Work well and say cheese

Balance your accounts daily, don’t delay

Not just your business but your way

Make thee well the value of little things

They will bring you manifold blessings

It’s left to me when all is said and done

To begin to cool off or to burn

© 2013 Amaka Anozie

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