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Daily Archives: June 5, 2015

As The Hedgerows Disappear

At one time Britain was divided into many thousand fields
But the hedgerows dividing them have gradually been destroyed
185,000 miles of hedgerows have disappeared since the end of World War II
As modern farming methods have been employed
The hedgerows provided homes for mammals, birds and insects
And their destruction has impacted on these creatures
As a result many species are starting to disappear
Together with the loss of one of natures notable features
One can understand the need for larger fields
To allow modern machinery to be employed
But natures balance is gradually being affected
And this loss of natures balance must be deplored
Some creatures depend on others for their food chain
That is the way that some species have survived
And eventually the loss of habitat will destroy their food chain
Much of which by the hedgerows was provided
Somehow this destruction of nature’s habitat must be halted
Or alternative provision for the creatures must be made
We know that nature will be changed as they disappear
And eventually the price for this destruction must be paid
We must ensure that tracts of land are set aside
Where a natural environment can be restored
Where the mammal’s birds and insects can survive

And the balance of nature can be ensured

Ron Martin

Storm and Calm – Promote Yourself


Leaves blocking the river
Branches that need
Leave them in the river
Don’t hoike them out
Different paths
Bubbles of peace
Away from the melee
The dischord
Stones being rubbed
Against each other
As the water goes
Balloons – let go
Each has a balloon
Each has an umbrella
Some given to you
Some you take
And they don’t mind
Fish on a table
Remains stink
Keep them in water
Throw them back

Cheryl Bhagwandin

Natures hunters. – Promote Yourself


From My Heart – Promote Yourself


No Pedestal For You My Friend, No Such Luck!-promote yourself

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