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Daily Archives: June 16, 2015

Food for my special Daddy

Special Father’s Day Recipes

Part of the celebrations will be a big lunch tomorrow so, of course, I want both dads to be utterly spoiled.

Now my dad’s favourite thing is rice, so I’m going to make him this gorgeous kedgeree supper, which is easy but delicious.

And for dessert, I’m going to make Mark’s most favourite pudding in the world – a banoffee pie, but with a twist.

The other day he was saying that he really fancied the idea of a coffee flavoured banoffee so, as a surprise, I have created a canoffee pie (see below) as a treat for him.



? 300g of cooked smoked haddock

? 300g of basmati rice

? 2 tbsp of olive oil

? 1 onion very finely chopped

? 1 tsp of medium curry powder

? 1 tsp of ground coriander

? 10 hardboiled quails eggs (or four chicken eggs)

? Chopped coriander

1 Heat the oil in a non-stick pan with a lid and fry the onions until soft then add the spices and cook until their aroma is released.

2 Then stir in the rice and season. Cover with boiling water until it comes two inches above the rice.

3 Bring to the boil and stir once – turn the heat as low as possible and put on a tight-fitting lid. Leave to simmer for 15 minutes.

4 Put the rice into a big bowl and gently sir in the haddock and top with the eggs and coriander.


Canoffee Pie
Canoffee Pie

There are no bananas in this canoffee pie but of course, feel free to add them if you want.

For the base:

250g of chocolate Hobnobs

100g butter

For the filling:

1 x 397g can of Carnation Caramel

For the topping:

250 ml of double cream

1 tsp of espresso instant coffee

2 tbsp of icing sugar

1 Blitz the biscuits in a blender until they are crumbs, then melt the butter and add it to them. Mix it well.

2 Now line the base and sides of a greased 20cm loose-bottomed cake tin with the biscuit mixture and push down well with the back of a spoon. Pop it into the fridge for half an hour.

3 Now pour the caramel on to the biscuit base and put back in the fridge. When you are ready to serve, whisk the double cream until thickened with the coffee and icing sugar. Pile it on top of the canoffee pie and decorate with some sweet coffee beans.

Magna Carta – Poem


I’ll tell of the Magna Charter
As were signed at the Barons’ command
On Runningmead Island in t’ middle of t’ Thames
By King John, as were known as “Lack Land.”

Some say it were wrong of the Barons
Their will on the King so to thrust,
But you’ll see if you look at both sides of the case
That they had to do something, or bust.

For John, from the moment they crowned him,
Started acting so cunning and sly,
Being King, of course, he couldn’t do wrong,
But, by gum, he’d a proper good try.

He squandered the ratepayers’ money,
All their cattle and corn did he take,
‘Til there wasn’t a morsel of bread in the land,
And folk had to manage on cake.

The way he behaved to young Arthur
Went to show as his feelings was bad;
He tried to get Hubert to poke out his eyes,
Which is no way to treat a young lad.

It were all right him being a tyrant
To vassals and folks of that class,
But he tried on his tricks with the Barons an’ all,
And that’s where he made a ‘faux pas’.

He started bombarding their castles,
And burning them over their head,
‘Til there wasn’t enough castles left to go round,
And they had to sleep six in a bed.

So they went to the King in a body,
And their spokesman, Fitzwalter by name,
He opened the ‘ole in his ‘elmet and said,
Conciliatory like, ” What’s the game?”

The King starts to shilly and shally,
He sits and he haws and he hums,
‘Til the Barons in rage started gnashing their teeth,
And them with no teeth gnashed their gums

Said Fitz, through the ‘ole in his ‘elmet,
“It was you as put us in this plight.”
And the King having nothing to say to this, murmured
“Leave your address and I’ll write”.

This angered the gallant Fitzwalter;
He stamped on the floor with his foot,
And were starting to give John a rare ticking off,
When the ‘ole in his ‘elmet fell shut.

“We’ll get him a Magna Charter,”
Said Fitz when his face he had freed;
Said the Barons “That’s right and if one’s not enough,
Get a couple and happen they’ll breed.”

So they set about making a Charter,
When at finish they’d got it drawn up,
It looked like a paper on cattle disease,
Or the entries for t’ Waterloo Cup.

Next day, King John, all unsuspecting,
And having the afternoon free,
To Runningmead Island had taken a boat,
And were having some shrimps for his tea.

He’d just pulled the ‘ead off a big ‘un,
And were pinching its tail with his thumb,
When up came a barge load of Barons, who said,
“We thought you’d be here so we’ve come”

When they told him they’d brought Magna Charter,
The King seemed to go kind of limp,
But minding his manners he took off his hat
And said ” Thanks very much, have a shrimp.”

” You’d best sign at once,” said Fitzwalter,
” If you don’t, I’ll tell thee for a start
The next coronation will happen quite soon,
And you won’t be there to take part.”

So they spread Charter out on t’ tea table,
And John signed his name like a lamb,
His writing in places was sticky and thick
Through dipping his pen in the jam.

And it’s through that there Magna Charter,
As were signed by the Barons of old,
That in England to-day we can do what we like,
So long as we do what we’re told.

In The Litter Bin

I often go down into the Bulwell market place
I see Gregg’s shop at the corner of the square
When I walk along the main street
I see many paper bags from the shop littered there
Those people who drop them should be ashamed
But I’m wondering if it is a plot to get the town renamed
For everywhere I go I am sure to find
Paper bags which impress the name Gregg’s upon my mind
The new name of Gregg’s Ville has been one suggestion
But the very thought of this give me indigestion
To change the name of Bulwell would be a sin
So I appeal to litter droppers to put their bags in the bin
Then as I walk about I would get a nice surprise
For the name of Gregg’s would not appear before my eyes
No longer would I fear that the town was to be renamed
And of the Bulwell shoppers I would no longer be ashamed
It would make Bulwell a nicer place for friends to meet
And make it much easier for the man who sweeps the street
Ron Martin

Timeline’s Promote Yourself


Experiencing nature


Walking through the countryside

On a warm and sunny day

Listening to the sound of nature

It took my breath away

The day was warm and peaceful

Shaded beneath the trees

I sat and pondered about nature

Who created the animals birds and bees?

So many animals scurrying about

Very aware of what’s around

In the distance a babbling stream

Creating an hypnotic sound

A heron majestically flies overhead

With wings stretched out wide

Soaring down to the water’s edge

Aeronautical as it starts to glide

Landing perfectly beside the stream

Wading in for a perfect meal

Concentrating then quick as a flash

With its beak a fish it would steal

The birds filled the air with music

An orchestra upon the wing

Each one with perfect pitch

In the distance you can hear them sing

As the sun finally sets in the west

As the day turns into night

I marvelled at the sunset

A magical and all inspiring sight

By Malcolm Brashaw

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