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In The Litter Bin

I often go down into the Bulwell market place
I see Gregg’s shop at the corner of the square
When I walk along the main street
I see many paper bags from the shop littered there
Those people who drop them should be ashamed
But I’m wondering if it is a plot to get the town renamed
For everywhere I go I am sure to find
Paper bags which impress the name Gregg’s upon my mind
The new name of Gregg’s Ville has been one suggestion
But the very thought of this give me indigestion
To change the name of Bulwell would be a sin
So I appeal to litter droppers to put their bags in the bin
Then as I walk about I would get a nice surprise
For the name of Gregg’s would not appear before my eyes
No longer would I fear that the town was to be renamed
And of the Bulwell shoppers I would no longer be ashamed
It would make Bulwell a nicer place for friends to meet
And make it much easier for the man who sweeps the street
Ron Martin

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