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Weapons Of Mass Instructions II-promote yourself


Allegations, contras, anti’s, naysayers

He say, she say, don’t hate the “playas”

Verbose, vapid, insipid, delusions

Stepping out of reality chasing after illusions

False heraldic nomenclators…

Trumpeting the arrival of a dragon’s slack jawed allegators

Confusion…led around by pinkies in noses

Can’t be reached

Can’t be taught

Flow stopped by kinks in hoses

Can only blindly consume the stores bought

Strong delusion like a force field impenetrable

Even if you knew…

You wouldn’t know where to start

You bought the farm

Along with the “hardening of Pharoah’s heart”

Drowned like rats in hot pursuit

“Mine Saith The Lord…”

Stay thy hand

Be in the Light

Stand down

This is not a time for “amateur night”

Watch and learn

Listen and yearn

Hear…let it sizzle and sear

Thirst and hunger after “loved us first”

Hunger for the Word

From the peaks of Tibet

To Cucamunga

Can’t sound any sillier than driving ourselves insane

Trying to comprehend, understand, explain

A name that is above all names

It’s a simple as faith in obedience

Following simple commands such as:

“come ye’ hither”


“go ye’ hence”

Not an hourly position nor salaried

But a promise better than gold

Of abundant provisions



Riches untold

“seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you”

2 Thessalonians 1:6

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