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Daily Archives: July 7, 2015

“Unraveled Faith” -Promote Yourself


Safari Ron Martin

From Fresh Beginnings … Sudden Ends – Promote Yourself


Arthur Everman aspires to Emily Dickinson’s surreal hope: To write to a planet,
not symbolically (as did Dickinson), but really; for Earth’s Arthur Everman,
Angel-Trainee, presumes to write to every man and woman on the planet …
and to their legatees … the ever innocent … children.
And so, Art’s $10,000 dollar bet on an algorithm; an implausibly, healing, simplification,
born from the fantastic union of Emily and Ovid, is AN  ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC;
A step-by-step procedure, that is to say, an algorithm, for behavior modification …
of the all too soon become … nations … anachronistic.
Nations anachronistic are the artifices that rule an auto-denominated, homo sapiens
sapiens; wise, wise, men, devolved into wisdom-less men.
Such has been this binary, cosmic, mystery; from a singularity, expansion to an
eventual contraction … from fresh beginnings … sudden ends. 

By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

This Impatient Little Boy – Promote Yourself


This impatient little boy of age ten
With his blue side bag and quirky glasses
It was a fine day with a playful breeze
Tapped his feet and saw the cars pass by,
The Toyota, the Maruti and the Mercedes!
He waited for his mother on the street.
The Crowded road in front of his school. 
Where vehicles and people were aplenty
His father told him it wasn’t so once
for he did go to this very school
Spoke proudly about the time long gone. 
When the road was clean, Spotless!
There weren’t so many cars so many people.
A lot of turf and not a trace of litter.
The boy couldn’t imagine that distant time.
As he waited all he could see.
Was litter and people too busy to care
as the garbage played with the road, a love affair!
Garbage in all of its manifestation.
Cans of mountain dew and wrappers of lays and
Skin of orange riddle the space. 
People too busy to care
Walk without even so much as another glance, 
Caught up in the ways of the world, in a Trance!, 
That was when the boy saw it, 
One man. Just one man! Lifting up the garbage,
In his clean clothes and slip on shoes. 
No one now dared to litter as he 
picked up the can, picked up the wrapper. 
The boy joined him and a miracle happened, 
 People gathered to clean the streets,
That day He went home and told his dad, 
The time that once was has returned, 
The road is clean, spotless! 
All it took was one man and 
an impatient Little Boy. 

Himanshu Goel

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