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From Fresh Beginnings … Sudden Ends – Promote Yourself


Arthur Everman aspires to Emily Dickinson’s surreal hope: To write to a planet,
not symbolically (as did Dickinson), but really; for Earth’s Arthur Everman,
Angel-Trainee, presumes to write to every man and woman on the planet …
and to their legatees … the ever innocent … children.
And so, Art’s $10,000 dollar bet on an algorithm; an implausibly, healing, simplification,
born from the fantastic union of Emily and Ovid, is AN  ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC;
A step-by-step procedure, that is to say, an algorithm, for behavior modification …
of the all too soon become … nations … anachronistic.
Nations anachronistic are the artifices that rule an auto-denominated, homo sapiens
sapiens; wise, wise, men, devolved into wisdom-less men.
Such has been this binary, cosmic, mystery; from a singularity, expansion to an
eventual contraction … from fresh beginnings … sudden ends. 

By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

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