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Daily Archives: July 23, 2015

💔 hearts of pain’ 💔. – Promote Yourself


As you lay in your bed at night ‘ trying to sleep 💤 ‘ with the heat pouring down your face ‘ you turn over in despair ‘ as the memories comes flooding back ‘ to haunt you ‘ in the most fierce way.

as you try to sleep 💤 at night ‘ you turn your face ‘ to find a cool spot on your pillow ‘ yet there is none.

Your thoughts are flooding your mind ‘ as you try to keep them out ‘ memories which you try to hide ‘ in a moment of grief and despair ‘ you put a hand on your heart ♥ and move forward .

In the mist of the darkness of the night ‘ tears stream down your face ‘ you wonder when will it stop as your heart is being ripped out .

There’s nothing more painful ‘ than seeing the people you love ❤ feeling lost and alone ‘ knowing how life has been ‘ changed beyond belief.

In the mist of madness and despair ‘ you find the strength to carry on ‘ as you are nothing with out the strength you need ‘ as you put your life on hold ‘ and do what’s needs to be done ‘ life goes on ‘ as it must.

Patricia Bourne WordPress 2014

Fields of gold – Promote Yourself

gold Fields of gold’ shinny and new’ this wondrous land’ is just but a few.

Little children runing around ‘ happy smiling ‘ laughing out loud.

Little voices whispering as they play ‘ hiding in the grass ‘ from little sister may .

Buzzing and twittering all the way round ‘ tiny little insects ‘ laying on the ground.

Up in the distance far ahead ‘ the trees are whispering ‘ its time for bed.

Golden grass ‘ clouds of white ‘ sky of red ‘ is pure of delight.
Flowers of pink ‘ leaves of green ‘ this is nature ‘ best of ever I have seen.

Patricia Bourne WordPress 2014

Just Today


Only this moment,

all else matters little,

in your world, that one across

the street,

where the tracks can never meet.

Think about what happens in that world,

know it will happen again,

maybe the same way

or it could really be different again,

depends how far we want to take our



We can look at each other today,

just today,

realize all else matters little,

that’s a point so lost in the rhetoric,

the longing, lacking, little regard in mind,

beyond our own needs.


Do you realize just how easy it might be,

to laugh about the same events rather than

keep them safely tucked away in that place,

that shallow grave of repression

that allows no one else to dare cross into.

Perhaps if we let go of yesterday,

we might begin to see that notion of

just today,

just how easily we might move forward



Perhaps that’s too easy,

we need that conflict to define ourselves.

Isn’t that what they teach us in the schools.

Or maybe they don’t – I cannot remember.

It is summertime,

when the sunlight is streaming such significance,

we all seem to want to forget about everything else,

just drop a line in the water,

take a hike,

yet remember we are all coming back again,

to that place

that notion

that suggestion.


Be ourselves,

so let’s do that. Together if

well, drop all the individuality jargon,

recognize what is real with each other,

just today.


© Thom Amundsen 

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