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💔 hearts of pain’ 💔. – Promote Yourself


As you lay in your bed at night ‘ trying to sleep 💤 ‘ with the heat pouring down your face ‘ you turn over in despair ‘ as the memories comes flooding back ‘ to haunt you ‘ in the most fierce way.

as you try to sleep 💤 at night ‘ you turn your face ‘ to find a cool spot on your pillow ‘ yet there is none.

Your thoughts are flooding your mind ‘ as you try to keep them out ‘ memories which you try to hide ‘ in a moment of grief and despair ‘ you put a hand on your heart ♥ and move forward .

In the mist of the darkness of the night ‘ tears stream down your face ‘ you wonder when will it stop as your heart is being ripped out .

There’s nothing more painful ‘ than seeing the people you love ❤ feeling lost and alone ‘ knowing how life has been ‘ changed beyond belief.

In the mist of madness and despair ‘ you find the strength to carry on ‘ as you are nothing with out the strength you need ‘ as you put your life on hold ‘ and do what’s needs to be done ‘ life goes on ‘ as it must.

Patricia Bourne WordPress 2014

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