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Monthly Archives: August 2015

NEW LIFE – Promote Yourself


My wife is pregnant

and the joy floods in.

Never expecting another life from mine

I stand amazed

and watch you grow

a love within my love.

I’ll tell you things,

I’ll teach you things,

I’ll show you the past

and stand amazed

as the future unfolds.

And I’ll hold you close

when life threatens.


Yours truly,

Walt Trizna

This Impatient Little Boy – Promote Yourself


This impatient little boy of age ten
With his blue side bag and quirky glasses
It was a fine day with a playful breeze
Tapped his feet and saw the cars pass by,
The Toyota, the Maruti and the Mercedes!
He waited for his mother on the street.
The Crowded road in front of his school. 
Where vehicles and people were plenty
His father told him it wasn’t so once
for he did go to this very school
Spoke proudly about the time long gone. 
When the road was clean, Spotless!
There weren’t so many cars so many people.
A lot of turf and not a trace of litter.
The boy couldn’t imagine that distant time.
As he waited all he could see.
Was litter and people too busy to care
as the garbage played with the road, a love affair!
Garbage in all of its manifestation.
Cans of mountain dew and wrappers of lays and
Skin of orange riddle the space. 
People too busy to care
Walk without even so much as another glance, 
Caught up in the ways of the world, in a Trance!, 
That was when the boy saw it, 
One man. Just one man! Lifting up the garbage,
In his clean clothes and slip on shoes. 
No one now dared to litter as he 
picked up the can, picked up the wrapper. 
The boy joined him and a miracle happened, 
 People gathered to clean the streets,
That day He went home and told his dad, 
The time that once was has returned, 
The road is clean, spotless! 
All it took was one man and 
an impatient Little Boy. 

Himanshu Goel



Where are all the broken brollies?

They have all been left in the streets

In Nottingham, all bent and broken

After all the snow,rain and wind has gone

I saw a Council man with a trolley

Picking up all of those broken brollies,

So now I know where they have all gone

The Council man picked up every one

They say in London

The streets are paved with gold,

In Nottingham the streets are filled

With broken brollies

The shops are empty

The brollies have all been sold

Now what will shelter us

From the rain and the cold?

Abbe, Tom, and Gillian

The Birds


Have you seen the birds in spring?

They are nearly always on the wing

Seeking in the east and west

Materials to build their nest

The eggs are laid and are kept warm

Protected from the wind and storms

Until the sound of breaking shell

Tells the parents that all is well

Then they spend all day in search of food

To satisfy their hungry breed

Chicks which grow stronger every day

Until one day they fly away

Parents then begin their quest

To find a site for a second nest

Another clutch of eggs are laid

And the care of the parents is again displayed

The days grow shorter every day

Until one day they fly away

Then no more can they be seen

They have gone away to pastures green

Where there is warmth and food for all

Ron Martin

A Diet of Herbs – Promote Yourself


They say that we are what we eat

And in many cases this appears to be so

For those folk who enjoy a regular ‘fry up’

Advertise the fact wherever they go

It is said that obesity is a problem

Affecting the health and wealth of our nation

So I have decided that I must do all I can

To ensure that my body does not suffer from inflation

So I asked my sister ROSEMARY for advice

And said I should try a diet of herbs

That SAGE could be beneficial

And it would help to divide the nouns and the verbs

My cousin BASIL said that he agreed

With much of what my sister had to say

He said we should eat more CORIANDER with our salads

And this would keep obesity at bay

At first this appeared to be working

And that it would require more THYME

And if this does not prove affective

At least it will give me time to finish this rhyme.

Ron Martin

Gentle eyes . Promote Yourself


As the eyes which I can not see ‘ its the sadness that reaches within me .

My vission is blurred ‘ am I going blind ‘ or do my eyes deceive me ‘ its all in my mind .

My sight I may be losing ‘ its sad but true ‘ I worry about the very thing ‘ and about you .

The pain and suffering ‘ I may have to bare ‘ but not seeing you grow up ‘ its beyond compare.

This is my life now ‘ eyes which I can not see ‘ will I be alone ‘ with only you and me .

The future I had ‘ I must learn to face ‘ the eyes are not needed ‘ its no disgrace .

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul ‘ that you know to be true ‘ but that’s not the only thing ‘ for me and you .

Patricia Bourne WordPress 2014

The wall By William Walker



I draw little attention to who I am

based solely upon a certain gem

some would call the bane of life

yet I might think of none of them.


I walk in a department store alone

gather little if any attention shown

I could probably open the register

take a dollar bill and dial the phone


While standing nearby noticed you

I couldn’t help but think of the blue

vibrance in sky that dreams peace

stillness occurs to recognize few


We thrive in a world of confusion

a constance bold without solution

little concern merits our evolution

little concern, we await revolution


photo found on Pinterest


© Thom Amundsen 

@Megynkelly v. @realDonaldTrump [III]


Butterflies and Predators – Promote Yourself

Gifts Of Spirit



These gifts of spirit I bring you,

Each one is wrapped up with care,

Each one is very precious,

A present for all to share,

My first gift is of happiness,

To bring laughter to those in need,

To fill their hearts with gladness,

And love on which to feed.

My second gift is thoughts,

To send to those alone,

To those that have no families,

To those that have no home.

My third gift is of understanding,

For those of different faiths,

To understand their fellow man,

No matter what colour or race.

My forth gift is of peace,

That the world should be as one,

Where all should work together,

For together we all are strong.

My final gift is from Spirit,

A message that is loud and clear,

That your spirit is eternal,

That death holds no fear.

Malcolm  G Bradshaw 

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