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Daily Archives: September 1, 2015

“Imperfection” – Promote Yourself

Every morning
When I see my reflection
I see chubby and ugly,
I see imperfection.
I need the affection
I have to be pretty
If I don’t look like “this”
They won’t bother with me.
So I get dolled
And caked up
Smothered in make up
Just to have some boy tell me
I need to be easy on the eyes,
To compete with the girls
And impress the guys.
To them I’m a prize
A challenge, a game,
Another pretty face
With a number and name.
And I’ll play along,
Pretending to be okay
Pretending I don’t know about
What they whisper in the hallway.
It’s just another day
I have to get through.
Why couldn’t my reflection
Be beautiful too.
Hey, it’s Marcus Roi again, hope you enjoyed the poem. This is one of the poems that will be featured in my book “Book of Mars.” You can find more from me at

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