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Daily Archives: September 7, 2015

The News


The rains came today
Amidst news of government shutdowns.
In a mid-town café
All the faces held practiced frowns,
Voices lingered,
High pitched with banters pledged
“Well I figured,”
Shouted a nearby man on the edge.

When the skies lit up
There wasn’t any discussion of reprieve.
I could reach for my cup
Of java while around the room a sieve,
A genuine distaste
Reactive politics by those thought elite.
Withheld ideals erased
While outside quiet rains began to isolate

See, there is beauty
When in and around me economics falter
Somehow I feel pity
A kind soul is caught in rains without shelter
In the morning
A burst of sunlight will endure the horizon
And while waking
Our society is left to once again find reason

Yet in the midst of cloudy judgment and scattered reigns
Might our heart and soul appreciate just the simple rains

Thom Amundsen

Yet another poem



Down, down I feel so low.
Trapped in a tunnel, with nowhere to go.
Cut myself off from all my friends,
I’ll work this out in the end.
Dark, dark that feeling inside,
Nothing looks good; I just want to hide.
There must be some people in whom I can confide,
Understanding friends, who are on my side?
One day at a time is what I hear,
No need to live life full of fear.
Do you really need that anti-depressant pill?
With hindsight every mountain becomes a molehill.
Don’t give in to this dark mood,
Fun and laughter can be your food.
Love yourself and say, ‘I am what I am.’
Ignore this hard world you know you can.
Just take the time to work this out,
To overcome a life full of self doubt.
God loves you, the way you are.
You are unique, you’re a star.

In memory of the Hollywood genius Robin Williams 1951-2014: he made us all laugh so many times yet was often suffering from depression on the inside:
I hope this poem helps more people understand this terrible condition of the human mind:
by #SimonIckeUK

What A Sad World We Live In


the sad

 What a sad world we live in

Causing up evil against one another

Forcing ideals on our world

Fighting and killing each other


Most of these fanatics believe.

That they are fighting for their faith

Killing men women and children

No Deity would allow such a disgrace


We all have our thoughts and beliefs

We should all treat others with respect

Innocent people are being slaughtered

Through their propergander they inject 


No respect for our elderly

In some care homes every day and night

Carers abusing our loved ones

Surely that cannot be right


What is this world coming to?

When some homes turn a blind eye

At the abuse that has been happening

When families are asking why


I wish I knew all the answers

For this world to live in peace

For mankind to take stock

And for all the atrocities to cease


One day we will stand in front of our creator

To explain the actions we took

He will then make a decision

Which he will write in his creator’s book?


He is the only one who will judge us

For the things we all have done to mankind

He will make a judgement on our life

Taking everything into consideration and mind



Malcolm Bradshaw

Anti social behaviour

Please don’t drink to the brink and waste your time

Inviting yourself into the world of crime,

Don’t hang around with people who

Drain your energy and lead you to,

Do all the wrong things that can hurt others,

Don’t despair, there is a world out there

For you to discover, If only you would take the time

To use your energy positively,and open your mind,

Search for creativity, education or sport

Sit yourself down,and give it some thought

by Gillian Sims

Your First Day – Promote Yourself


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