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Daily Archives: September 8, 2015

Love Never Die’s


When you loose a loved one,

When within your heart it’s breaking,

When you feel the emptiness inside,

When your whole body is aching,


Not knowing how to express the torment,

When a loved one passes away,

Feeling the hurt and all the emotions,

That you are experiencing day after day.


Asking self difficult questions why,

Why is this happening to me?

No getting all the right answers,

 Wanting the pain to go, to set you free


It was then I remembered these words,

My loved one once said to me,

If I should die before my time,

In your heart I will always be.


For excepting the loss of a loved one,

In time will stand you in good stead?

Remember I will always be with you,

For in Heaven I am alive not dead.


I will always be around you,

When the tears are in your eyes,

And remember my darling

That our love never dies.


Malcolm G Bradshaw

Can you live in a home of wretchedness? – Promote Yourself

hello, I have poem that I would like you to promote on your successful blog, if you wouldn’t mind doing so.

its called “can you?” by myself, Tatiana Agatha Ennin.

my friend, Dajon Hoyte-Bruce and I run the poetry blog known as “” just for reference


You could bathe in a tub of cloudy tears to keep your mind “clean”…

You could feed yourself false propositions to oppose the hunger in your heart…

You could keep yourself warm with the scalding words that his tongue produced…

You could dress yourself in an attire of which consisted of a burden balanced on your head,

A weakened covering to protect your chafed, run down, calloused feet,

An emotional scarf weaved from the fibres of hardship, guilt, confusion and doubt.

Wrapped chokingly tight

around your neck.

To protect yourself from the cold air striking and reaching your chest.

Your chapped mouth…


Your insensitive nose.


Can you ever die in a home of wretchedness?


You could strangle yourself with the ropes that restricted you from trusting and feeling emotion.

You could hang yourself with the words that lifelessly and meaninglessly dangled from your lip.…


You stand on the boulder of corruption.

Hoping to majestically land on the base of which an overabundance of reliability and

inhabitation existed on…


You jump,

And wonder if you’re committing one of society’s most conventional motives.


You took the leap of something that would offer you ‘faith’.


You gracefully took the leap of death.




I would also appreciate it greatly if you gave me any personal feedback or response, via email. As I am a budding poet, aged 14 and I could definitely use some mature response.

thank you.
from Tatiana and Dajon :).

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