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Daily Archives: September 9, 2015

“Waiting on Fall” – Promote Yourself


Another day of waiting upon nature’s turn,
in expectancy that the gold and red colors will envelope me,
and turn the damp heat into cool, crisp breezes of autumn;
I can hear the sounds of the hay wagon’s wheels,
smell the straw that’s stacked upon fields of emerald jewels,
and taste the sweetness of the candy corn and cotton candy clouds,
where youth’s draw, entices the playfulness in all-
Oh, how I long, to rest and draw up my feet,
my hands wreathed around a warm, comforting mug,
while listening to the muse of autumn’s love, sing her songs of joy

Birthday Boy -Promote Yourself


Another birthday, you’re turning four,

Spoilt rotten, presents galore,

My little hero is growing so tall,

His footprints no longer tiny small,

Time goes by so very fast,

We need to make memories to last,

We spend the day with family and friends,

You’re wishing and hoping the day never ends,

Cake, sweets and faces covered in jelly,

Playing games and filling your belly,

To see you laugh, smile and play,

Is always the best part of every day,

Blow out the candles and make a wish,

Things couldn’t get more perfect than this.

Abbe Cutforth

Gentle eyes – promote yourself


As the eyes which I can not see, its the sadness that reaches within me.

My vision is blurred, am I going blind or do my eyes deceive me, its all in my mind.

My sight I may be losing its sad but true, I worry about the very thing and about you.

The pain and suffering  I may have to bare but not seeing you grow up is beyond compare.

This is my life now  eyes which I can not see will I be alone with only you and me?

The future I had  I must learn to face the eyes are not needed, its no disgrace.

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul, that you know to be true but that’s not the only thing for me and you.

Patricia Bourne

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