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Daily Archives: September 10, 2015

“Redeem My Love”: – Promote Yourself


Crossing a somber

make believe cosmos

where the sharpened brim

of restless nights edge

through raindrop eyes as

the blanketing escape of

your rising circulation

nears smiling threads

of measured perfections.

I feel the precise muscle

of your tenor nestling

my diseased nightmares

as if some lighted aegis

of a sheltered dorm.

My histories drain

through every mile

of a shaking fractured kiss

and my lost soul drowns

begging for some belief.

If you persist in this

perpetual revival…

then take care

as my spirit unravels lost

between the floating taste

and song of your sublime

free and fingered clasp.

Modern Mania



We are in a free state

our words are rampant,

abundant, thrown with fury

as our fingertips express

what our eyes might easily hide.


We have liberties

our lives are fluid,

we stroll by one another

on city streets, in corridors,

alone upon intersections

without connection,

islands traveling in unison.


We are a smart folk

adapting to the machine-

mania of new-world communication;

texting our ideals,

snap chatting our privacy

allowing our massive peer group

to react accordingly hiding the visual.


We are alone now

gleaning our devices,

a blue-tooth discovery

working its blatant magic

in separation, in desperation,

a distant eye on body language

cannot suffice the human condition.


We need to breathe with eyes in elegance,

share the touch, share the beauty, share the love.


© Thom Amundsen 2014


It seems like yesterday By Gillian Sims



He was arrested on landing at Heathrow Airport
Suspected of being involved in terrorist activity
There really was no evidence to support this
And he claimed to be a Professor at a University
But in his possession he had a note book, compasses and a protractor
And to the Immigration Officer it was a matter of simple deduction
That the notebook could be a dodgy dossier
And the instruments could be used for Maths Instruction
Ron Martin

In The Beginning



 When God Looked upon the earth

He pondered on what he should do

Should He create a world of beauty?

For the likes of me and you.


First of all he created the skies and seas

Followed by the fertile lands

He filled it with creatures of every kind

All created by God’s own hands


He looked upon the work he had done

He was pleased with what He saw

But there was something missing

He was impressed to create some more


I know what to do he said

Before my work is done

I will create the moon at night

For the day I will create the sun


Still He was not happy,

For He had a troubled mind

It was then he had a brilliant idea

I shall create mankind


Mankind was created on the earth

With freedom and free will

To look after God’s creation

For a time all was still


Mankind became greedy

By ignoring God’s perfect plan

For mankind lost its way

By abusing his fellow man


God thought long and hard

And wondered what he had done

He decided not to correct it

That’s how the world begun


Malcolm G Bradshaw

In My Mind


two loversxxxxxxxxxxx

Memories are always part of us
Whether we share them or hold on
The mind can replay when needed
Especially from dusk to dawn.

Thoughts spill forth of you still
The curve of your face and smile
Scents of a shower or your perfume
Eyes closed you linger for a while.

Soft cotton slips to the floor
Candlelight dances on your skin
Light kisses and caresses flow
Emotions heighten once again.

Two hearts beating in unison
Fingers laced as we make love
It might be just a moment now
But still fits like a glove.

Dreams might be all that’s left
Keep them safe and hold them tight
The sunrise will bring a new day
For now, there is still the night.

Charles Townsend


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