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Daily Archives: September 15, 2015



The drone of the aircraft
Flying over our shore
Was a regular sound
During the Second World War.

Though, our brave young men
Had other thoughts,
As they gave their lives
In the battles fought.

“Scramble”rang out
Round the South East’s fields;
Men took to the skies,
And many were killed.

They searched for the enemy
In their Hurricanes,
And engaged in dogfights
With other planes.

Man and machine
Would pit their wits,
To outmanouveur the Germans
And claim their hits.

Engines revved and roared
As they climbed and dived;
In a trail of smoke and flames,
Many perished, and died.

Spitfires joined in,
Shooting down enemy planes,
Littering the English Channel
With their burning remains.

Those gallant young men
With their patched-up gear,
Took to the clouds,
Showing no fear.

The Germans were outclassed,
And didn’t know what had hit ‘em:
We call this confrontation today…

Winston Churchill summed it all up
For every man that flew…
“Never have so many owed so much,
To so few”.

We’ll always be in debt
For the lives they gave;
Thanks to their heroic actions,
Great Britain was saved.

© Jim Bell

Battle Of Britain – Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery


‘Never before in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so
many to so few.’
Winston Churchill 1940

The siren scrambles the spitfire squadron
Young pilots mostly in their teens
Rush to clamber into cockpits
Engines roar, and planes race down the runway
Rising skyward in battle formation.

Fear grips and some pilots want to vomit
Flying upwards they seek advantage of height
Above the slow droning German bombers
Targeting England’s cities and ports
Guarded by darting M109 Messerschmitt fighters.

‘ Here we go, ‘ radios an Aussie squadron leader
‘ Let’s give the blighters hell.’
And out of the sun with cannons roaring
Spitfires attack like deadly hawks
Twisting and turning as the savage dogfight ensues.

Sergeant-pilot Peter Duncan trapped
Tries frantically to free his jammed cockpit cover
But flames engulf him – – melting hands and face
The spitfire spirals to the ground
Exploding in a fireball ending the sergeant’s suffering.

Battle of Britain – Thomas Sims

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