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Daily Archives: October 4, 2015


Goose Fair


Goose Fair has been celebrated from days of old

When geese were brought to Nottingham to be sold

Thousands would gather for the sale

While many others came just to drink the ale

With so many people gathered there

The sale gradually changed into a bustling fair

An annual celebration to be enjoyed by all

A time of entertainment when the autumn began to fall

Folk gathered to watch the wrestlers and performing bears

Feats of skill by jugglers they had practised down the years

There were side shows with freaks thought to be funny

And folk could have a laugh if they paid their entrance money

You could have your fortune told if you had a penny

The gypsies told their stories,but did not convince many

They took it in good humour,but some hoped it would come true

Especially when they were told ‘ good luck would come to you’

The barrel organ was invented,the music was loud and shrill

And this added to the pleasure of those looking for a thrill

The development of the steam engine led to the carousel

Which waits to join the action when the Lord Mayor rings the bell

At noon in the first Thursday of October in every year

The Lord Mayor gives a welcome to everybody there

They come from far and near,there is excitement in the air

The geese no longer come, but it’s still called Goose Fair

Ron Martin

Goose Fair

A convoy of pleasure and excitement

That descends on the city at night

Carrying fantastic rides of joy

Of exhilarating experience and delight

Piece by piece are assembled

Like a jigsaw they all fit together

Working to be ready on time

Working through all kinds of weather

The skyline of Nottingham changes

A jungle of lights and steel

Sideshows and rides

Not forgetting the Big Wheel

Then the opening day arrives

A ritual that is part of the fair

Then the bell will be rung

And a speech from the Lord Mayor

The noise from the loud speakers

The aroma from cooking meals

Candyfloss, hot peas and balloons

Anticipation, excitement and squeals

A night of breathtaking beauty

A kaleidoscope of dazzling display

Everyone will enjoy the experience

Until it’s dismantled and taken away.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

Portland Road


Goose Fair Experience



The time is upon us,

An atmosphere of excitement fills the air

Waiting for that convoy of vehicles

To start assembling Nottingham Goose Fair


In a matter of hours they start to assemble.

Like a jigsaw all has its place

A city of activity and manpower

Of steel erected at a furious pace


When all the construction has been completed

Transforming the whole area with light

The lord mayor of Nottingham presides

Ringing the bell, to the eyes it’s a wonderful sight


The sound of the music, and rides

All the people milling around

The excitement is tremendous

As they all ride the merry go round


The terrifying rides are an attraction

For those who dare to try

Spinning them all around

As in the night sky they fly


The kiddies enjoy themselves

On gentler rides at a slow pace

You know that they love the ride

By just looking at their face


There is candyfloss and balloons

Mushy peas and jellied eels

Everyone are enjoying themselves

For in the distance you can hear the squeals


So if you are ever visiting Nottingham

You must experience Nottingham Goose Fair

It’s an experience you’ll never forget

You then can tell your friends you were there


Malcolm Bradshaw

Goose FAIR

Goose Fair

goose fair 2012

Goose fair


Goose fair smells fantastic

On the rides twisting around

October wind blows

Screaming out

Exciting, just can’t stop laughing

Flying down the track

Adventure in the bumper cars

I get bashed around

Rush to see the lights


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