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Daily Archives: October 10, 2015

One Heart, One Loss, One Day


As we journey through this uncertain life
We live, we love, we laugh, we grieve
We can hope that days will be joyously filled
But we lift our heads high and try to believe.

We are given one heart and we protect it
Not that we won’t make mistakes in trust
Broken can be mended, just don’t harden
Give freely when in love, not just for lust.

We deal with the loss of those that we love
Sad, but one of the truths we must now live
We don’t forget them but we try to move on
Knowing they would want us to still give.

We are given each day the things that we need
However, wants that we have are not always met
We make the most of the time we are given
Hoping that love and life is what we might get.

Charles Townsend

Neon Light

neon lights xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The cigarette smoke hangs heavy in the air.
Looks good in films
But in real life,
In this place it clings to you
Like a broken dream.

The neon beer light covers many sins
And many more failed lives.
In the corner sits a man,
Pondering if tonight
Will be his last.
Time for one more drink.

He won’t be the last to sit under this neon light.
Looking at his reflection
Reliving life’s mistakes
On histories screen
That hangs behind the bar.

Time for that final drink,
You need to move on.
Here this one is on the house,
Time to say goodbye.
I see another face ready to sit
Under this neon light.

Gabriel Denver

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