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Daily Archives: November 1, 2015

Promote yourself, What’s love

           What’s love…Oh! The Irony

Promote yourself, What’s lovewhat’s love_Kalimelo

My Angel In The Sky


It’s very hard for me to say

Things that are in my heart

The emotions that I’m feeling

I am lost and don’t know where to start

My life has been shattered

My life now is not worthwhile

For all that I ever loved

Has gone with your beautiful smile

I know that you are no longer suffering

I thank God you are no longer in pain

But alas my aching heart is now broken

And for me my life will not be the same

The many years I will treasure

All our memories will forever last

The life we spent together

Have flown away so fast

I know one day we shall be together

As the days and years pass by

One day my love I will join you

My angel in the sky

Malcolm Bradshaw


deep thoughts

Once deep thoughts ruled
The day,
Now the struggle
Is to stay awake.

Once creative labor
Ruled the day,
Now keeping house
Takes priority.

Once the lives of loved ones
Ruled the day,
Now distant memories
Fill the void.

Once hope of things to come
Ruled the day,
Now the end
Draws near.

So it is
The cycle reaches conclusion,
So it is,
A live spent.

Walt Trizna

One thought that lasts


…Oh! The Irony

Oh! Love, That gypsy wanderer

When some people talk about love,
_I don’t talk about poets, swan, and dove,
Of chimeric thoughts that hover
over a dream-catcher net

_But we, like ordinary people,
at wee hours, they daydream
of that day when they get caught,
like a wisp on a stream,

And Of which they never talk
and again, they never taught
Only longing sometimes, for that
as if they were,him a tenebrous Latin lover

and her, my fair lady of one night
he came by singing under her balcony,
Thither, hither and yon, they have ever met.
What’s love…that thing out of your reach
Oh! That was the only way of which

Like a thief,  that had left
with your valuables, and walked away
then left you, with a broken heart alas!
He never came back,anyway

And it makes you sometimes  feel lonely,
a quantum of solace, to linger
at a simple note of sorry,
left on a table, at reach of your finger

or like a hungry burglar
had eaten your diner,
one night while you went for a walk,
and of which you never talk.

For years you lived on a whisper,
a word that he uttered to you
like to a young spouse, the day they just wedded
that has her sailor husband, he said it
to her the morning he left, and sailed.

_ Her, she stands at the window,
peering at things, on the offing
At him, the while, the ship,
the sole mariner coming
Waiting for days, the day
they’ll return to the safe harbor,
Will find her there, at the moors,  like among other wives
With anguish cutting her guts, like hands cutted with knives

Then they’ll be living for a week or two
As they often do
on lobster they’ll dine,
with hot bread and wine,

On Fresh water and d’ amour
Like always, and come toujours
and then, on left-overs, like everyone.
They go sitting there sometimes,
at the dock of the bay,
Just having small talks, mamours and caresses,
wasting time, until the next day going at sea
Watching their hearts glowing low like embers,
Under the ashes of a bonfire, on a golden shore.
at the sole thought, of partir encore.

kissing goodbye  is such sweet sorrow
on departing in the tomorrow

I am, sitting here, like dog on the bay,
The while, the only thing, waiting for his master to return home
Do you return home someday! my love
Oh! I am too nostalgic to remembrances,

Sorry, guys, What a mess! I’m drunk of love, I have to go anyway

 “Sittin’ here  resting my bones,

And this loneliness won’t leave me alone, yes”

“Now I’m just go sittin’ there
at the dock of the bay Watching the tide roll away, ooh Wasting time” _Otis  Redding-_(Sitting on) The Dock of the Bay, lyrics

©what’s love_Kalimelo

These are difficult times in which we live today
A world in which the powers of evil seem to hold sway
They are times which call for clear thinking
and courageous action
If the world is ever to feel any sense of satisfaction
Around us we see signs of environmental and moral decay
And ponder on what we can do to save the day
There is little that an individual can do
But a combined effort could see us safely thro
For too long parliament has presided over
our country’s deterioration
And passed laws which have led to moral degradation
We have all been weak when we should have been tough
And told the politicians that we have had enough
We should never be afraid to do or say the things we should
Knowing that in the long term this is for everybody’s good
We should always be prepared to speak our mind
For sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind
The responsibility for this is yours and mine
For our failure to speak in the past led to this decline
And if we continue in not having our say
It will only accelerate the process of decay
We have allowed this process to go on for too long
And have accepted many charges which we knew to be wrong
It is so easy to blame others for our fate

So we should speak out now before it is too late.

Ron Martin


Super rabbit rabbit rabbit or white rabbit

What do you say first day of each month

To bring you luck

Fluffy white bunny rabbit.jpg

“Rabbit rabbit rabbit” is one variant of a common British superstition which states that a person should say or repeat the word “rabbit” or “rabbits”, or say the phrase “white rabbits”, or some combination of these elements, out loud upon waking on the first day of the month, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month. Today, it is a frequent tradition in many English-speaking countries.

“My two daughters are in the habit of saying ‘Rabbits!’ on the first day of each month. The word must be spoken aloud, and be the first word said in the month. It brings luck for that month. Other children, I find, use the same formula.”The exact origin of the superstition is unknown, though it was recorded in Notes and Queries as being said by children in 1909:

In response to this note another contributor said that his daughter believed that the outcome would be a present, and that the word must be spoken up the chimney to be most effective; another pointed out that the word rabbit was often used in expletives, and suggested that the superstition may be a survival of the ancient belief in swearing as a means of avoiding evil.

It appeared in a work of fiction in 1922:

“Why,” the man in the brown hat laughed at him, “I thought everybody knew ‘Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.’ If you say ‘Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit’—three times, just like that—first thing in the morning on the first of the month, even before you say your prayers, you’ll get a present before the end of the month.”

Today it has spread to many English-speaking countries and in the United States the tradition is common in New England, in particular in Massachusetts andVermont,[citation needed] although, like all folklore, determining its exact area of distribution is difficult. The superstition may be related to the broader belief in the rabbit or hare being a “lucky” animal, as exhibited in the practice of carrying a rabbit’s foot for luck.[citation needed]

During the mid-1990’s, U.S. children’s cable channel Nickelodeon helped popularize the superstition in the United States as part of its “Nick Days”, where during commercial breaks it would show an ad about the significance of the current date, whether it be an actual holiday, a largely-uncelebrated unofficial holiday, or a made-up day if nothing else is going on that specific day. (The latter would be identified as a “Nickelodeon holiday”.) Nickelodeon would promote the last day of each month as “Rabbit Rabbit Day” and to remind kids to say it the next day, unless the last day of that specific month was an actual holiday, such as Halloween and New Year’s Eve.This practice stopped by the late 1990’s.

Rabbits have not always been thought of as lucky, however. In the 19th century, for example, fishermen would not say the word while at sea, and in South Devon to see a white rabbit in one’s village when a person was very ill was regarded as a sure sign that the person would die.

As with most folklore, which is traditionally spread by word of mouth, there are numerous variants of the superstition, in some cases specific to a certain time period or region.

  • “When I was a very little boy I was advised to always murmur ‘White rabbits’ on the first of every month if I wanted to be lucky. From sheer force of unreasoning habit I do it still—when I think of it. I know it to be preposterously ludicrous, but that does not deter me.” – Sir Herbert Russell, 1925.
  • “Even Mr. Roosevelt, the President of the United States, has confessed to a friend that he says ‘Rabbits’ on the first of every month—and, what is more, he would not think of omitting the utterance on any account.” – Newspaper article, 1935.
  • “On the first day of the month say ‘Rabbit! rabbit! rabbit!’ and the first thing you know you will get a present from someone you like very much.” Collected by the researcher Frank C. Brown in North Carolina in the years between 1913 and 1943.
  • “If you say ‘Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit’ the first thing when you wake up in the morning on the first of each month you will have good luck all month.” Collected by Wayland D. Hand in Pennsylvania before 1964.
  • “Say ‘Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit’ at the first of the month for good luck and money.” Collected by Ernest W. Baughman in New Mexico before 1964.
  • “…it must be ‘White Rabbit’ … but you must also say ‘Brown Rabbit’ at night and walk downstairs backwards.” Reported in a small survey that took place in Exeter, Devon in 1972.
  • “Ever since I was 4 years old, I have said ‘White Rabbits’ at the very moment of waking on every single first day of every single month that has passed.” Simon Winchester, 2006.
  • “…the more common version ‘rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit’ should be said upon waking on the first day of each new month to bring good luck.”
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