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These are difficult times in which we live today
A world in which the powers of evil seem to hold sway
They are times which call for clear thinking
and courageous action
If the world is ever to feel any sense of satisfaction
Around us we see signs of environmental and moral decay
And ponder on what we can do to save the day
There is little that an individual can do
But a combined effort could see us safely thro
For too long parliament has presided over
our country’s deterioration
And passed laws which have led to moral degradation
We have all been weak when we should have been tough
And told the politicians that we have had enough
We should never be afraid to do or say the things we should
Knowing that in the long term this is for everybody’s good
We should always be prepared to speak our mind
For sometimes we have to be cruel to be kind
The responsibility for this is yours and mine
For our failure to speak in the past led to this decline
And if we continue in not having our say
It will only accelerate the process of decay
We have allowed this process to go on for too long
And have accepted many charges which we knew to be wrong
It is so easy to blame others for our fate

So we should speak out now before it is too late.

Ron Martin

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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  1. Beautiful. Powerful words of truth. For anyone anywhere. “The responsibility is yours and mine”. That line hits dead center. This is a great write!

    ps – I hope you meant the last line to be left justified instead of centered – to me it makes it even more powerful.


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