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Daily Archives: November 20, 2015

I want to know what is love


One thought that lasts

What’s love…Oh! The Irony

Oh! Love, That gypsy wanderer

When some people talk about love, _I don’t talk about poets, swan, and dove, Of chimeric thoughts that hover over a dream-catcher net

_But we, like ordinary people, at wee hours, they daydream of that day when they get caught, like a wisp on a stream,

And Of which they never talk and again, they never taught Only longing sometimes, for that as if they were,him a tenebrous Latin lover

and her, my fair lady of one night he came by singing under her balcony, Thither, hither and yon, they have ever met. What’s love…that thing out of your reach Oh! That was the only way of which

Like a thief,  that had left with your valuables, and walked away then left you, with a broken heart alas! He never came back,anyway

And it makes you sometimes  feel lonely, a quantum of solace, to linger at a simple note of sorry, left on a table, at reach of your finger

or like a hungry burglar had eaten your diner, one night while you went for a walk, and of which you never talk.

For years you lived on a whisper, a word that he uttered to you like to a young spouse, the day they just wedded that has her sailor husband, he said it to her the morning he left, and sailed.

_ Her, she stands at the window, peering at things, on the offing At him, the while, the ship, the sole mariner coming Waiting for days, the day they’ll return to the safe harbor, Will find her there, at the moors,  like among other wives With anguish cutting her guts, like hands cutted with knives

Then they’ll be living for a week or two As they often do on lobster they’ll dine, with hot bread and wine,

On Fresh water and d’ amour Like always, and come toujours and then, on left-overs, like everyone. They go sitting there sometimes, at the dock of the bay, Just having small talks, mamours and caresses, wasting time, until the next day going at sea Watching their hearts glowing low like embers, Under the ashes of a bonfire, on a golden shore. at the sole thought, of partir encore.

kissing goodbye  is such sweet sorrow on departing in the tomorrow

I am, sitting here, like dog on the bay, The while, the only thing, waiting for his master to return home Do you return home someday! my love Oh! I am too nostalgic to remembrances,

Sorry, guys, What a mess! I’m drunk of love, I have to go anyway

 “Sittin’ here  resting my bones,

And this loneliness won’t leave me alone, yes”

“Now I’m just go sittin’ there at the dock of the bay Watching the tide roll away, ooh Wasting time” _Otis  Redding-_(Sitting on) The Dock of the Bay, lyrics

©what’s love_Kalimelo



Ups and downs nurture life


Patience and endurance help you survive


Never know when life can supply or deprive


Jumping into despair is a futile dive


Why not refrain and derive?


Seek your potentials to contrive


Original ways to strive


Against balks all along your drive


Never lose hope, but thrive


Till life gives you five!



© Chaouki Mkaddem    

May 28th, 2013

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