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Every time I see you smile my mind makes an ever lasting memory to remember and enjoy;
An unconditional love now flows through my veins when I look into the eyes of My Baby Boy

The first time I held you your eyes projected an image that immediately imprinted onto my very soul, it was one memory that will forever remain in my heart;
It was like my past suddenly faded away and everything from that very moment was a brand new start

You created a brand new me, you reminded me to focus only on the good things and to forget about all of the bad;
You are my greatest ever creation, and no matter what you achieve in life i will always be proud to be your dad

I already spend hours talking to you, i keep forgetting that you are way to young to understand;
I can spend hours upon hours just watching you hold my finger with your tiny hand

You may keep us awake all night, and I now have a living breathing clock alarm;
But I want you to know that I would now lay down my life before I let you come to any harm

I have never really been that close to my own father, and maybe that is partly my fault because deep down if I am honest we both never really tried;
But I swear to you right here and now, no matter what you do in life good or bad, I will always be right by your side

I will teach everything I know about life, until oneday my baby boy becomes a man;
Yesterday I carried you outside and as we looked up to the clouds I told you stories about your great Grandad & Nan

Oneday you will be the man of the house, and when that day comes I want you to be strong and find power from the sun;
Just remember to keep on smiling, and to always look after your Sisters and Mum

But we have an entire lifetime ahead of us, a lifetime to make a million memories for us to all remember and enjoy;
So all that is left to do is seal this letter with a kiss, and sign it with love from Daddy to My Baby Boy

Dedicated to my son Rio -x-

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