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No More Friendly Skies – Promote Yourself

imageLosing ground
Rapidly rushing by
Wings contoured for lift
An attitude for altitude
Running out of runway
Nose to the sky
Somehow in the following of lines
The dynamics have changed
Air rushes across wings
And where lift once would occur
Drag and a lessened range
Before breaking free
The grip of gravity
Soaring uneasily
Rumble of engines deafening
Level off at cruising speed
Whistling whine of turbines, commanding, assuring
Something nags
Something pulls
Something in the pit of a stomach
Some kind of premonition
Something felt before
But had to power through the intuitive
Had to believe
Place faith,
in the unseen
Above and Beyond…
The unconscionable!
Anthony Gomez

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

6 responses

  1. What I actually find amazing is that I have been contemplating the principles of flight and found that truth is when a metaphysical idea is applicable to the physical principles demonstrated in nature. That if we wish to understand flight we must consult those creatures given the natural ability. Like you have so eloquently described in this piece, the physical aerodynamics of birds is applicable to the unseen world of flight. Our souls must pitch into the wind [spirit] to be uplifted and learn the signs of strange unseen currents and find that balance that opposes invisible gravitational forces threatening to pull us down. And just as difficult a task it is to exercise our ability of flight, it is just as important to practice a soft landing with arms [wings] open to embrace the spirit so that our feet can firmly touch ground. More than read this piece, I believe I experienced it.


    • The “eloquence” was not intentional. Just write what I feel as it comes and never “try” just “do” force it, if I could stop I probably would.. What I actually find “amazing” is the gifted lens/”vision” with which you see, we have has this conversation before haven’t we…(doesn’t get old though:) I unfortunately am not so deep I must confess…at least not consciously…in fact I’m a bit of an ass, crude and unrefined at times more often than not I am loathe to admit:)


  2. Beautiful!


  3. I love this poem. Thank you so much for writing this and sharing it.


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