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There once was a poet that sat in a corner

Of a room inspired by peace
A simple wood desk,
A window of lace
Nature’s tones were the colors,
That calmed his small space
Outside moist snow fell, as it called winter in
Warm though, his bones did stay
Wrapped in a bath robe that draped past his knees,
One that’s been softened through wear and with age
To his right was a photo, silver mat framed,
A memory of earlier life
To his left, a candle, in its usual place,
Its wax slowly dripping a prefect dull white
It burned, this candle
Faster than thought
Frustrated his feelings, couldn’t be penned
They hung in the shadow
Between him and his paper
He glanced at the photo and sat back again
Visions of memories
Before his eyes played,
As if, it was a life before
A photo of time he no longer knew,
Tears dripped like wax
As those days, he mourned
A majestic poet, with so much to say,
Is now lost in a world of the past
A glance at the candle,
The melted small flicker
Ironically feeling, his life went by,
…Seemingly just as fast
The flame that struggles to stay alive,
Now symbolic, this night of his soul
The poet retires his pen one more time,
Keeps his thoughts to himself,
Keeps his pain untold

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  1. He died, the Poet_Thus Sung, Jean Ferrat-the poet and French singer, after him, Poetry grieves since then, Aragon, Appolinaire and the other potes of band gathered no more after that, at the Deux-Magots Café where he sat at the bistro table on the street sidewalk. Thank for goodness you wrote, it inspired me this comment

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  2. We all experience a variety of suffering, but only a poet can see through the experience a wisdom. Well-said with harmonies of a experienced poet.

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  3. Beautiful, made me tear up. Love it!

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