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Memories of years gone by


My granddad used to say to me

They were the good time’s for your gran and me

There was fish and chips and batter bits

Wrapped in newspaper

A scrumpcious treat for me,

Then there was your gran’s scrubbing our doorstep

With her curlers in her hair

And granddad’s smoking Woodbine’s

And nattering to any one who cared,

There were kids playing

Marble’s, snobs, and hopscotch

Outside the old gun factory gate’s,

Look here comes the rag and bone man

coming down the street

giving out all of his  treats,

Balloons and gold-fish to every kid he could see

Some kid shouts the coalmans around the corner

Filling up the shoots,

And leaving coal scattered in the streets

Ho no the toilets were down the yard

As far has they could be,

 No -one could see

The newspaper on a nail

No toilet rolls in sight

To stand out at night,

Then there’s gran with her mangle

And washing on the line,

Cloth’s prop in the middle

Holding it up high

The wind is blowing grans washing

Until it nearly dry,

But granddad’s in the front room

Puffing on his fags

Thinking of the good time’s

And the memories of  the year’s that have passed

by Thomas Sims

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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