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One Road – Promote Yourself

On the coast
One main road
From somewhere
Up the East Bank Demerara
With a turn off to Timehri
(The Cheddi Jagan International Airport)
All the way to Georgetown.
After grid pattern capital
It picks up again
And three, may be four hours later
To Skeldon/Crabwood Creek.
And then it stops.
Just before Suriname.
And goes back again.
So Mahaica
(By passed)
(Market and stelling and car park
now some what retiring)
or Rosignal
which has a by pass too-
a floating pontoon bridge
-a toll bridge-
no longer at the whim of ferries,
weather and tide,
packed to the gills
tetris like,
buskers and hawkers
plying their wares,
by passed New Amsterdam
and Canje River,
huge high humped back bridge,
will the truck get over it,
Exciting places
That broke the journey,
By passed.
Cheryl Bhagwandin

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