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The Hermit – Promote Yourself


The dream was simple

With a hint of something


A shaky apprehension

Threatening to shatter

The illusion.

In the summer sun, anything

Seemed possible;

Even the crazy – turning

From a hermit sheltering in

A secluded corner

Of an empty beach

To a fully-fledged adventurer

Going where? Leaving when?

Who could tell?

A loner in the wind.

The crab listened with interest

To suggestions,

Fired from all angles,

Took new ideas on board, however

Out of character they seemed.

A claw dug through the sand

That was its shelter

And with intention,

Slow but deliberate,

The hermit followed.

The world outside beckoned

To it, calling

Attention to future possibilities;

So it scuttled away to discover

What the shelter

Could not teach it

On that little beach where it hid;

Plunging into the ocean, it made

The first step out

To sea, to the world beyond

Its protective shelter,

Where brand new memories

Waited to be found.

© Laura Marie Clark

Laura is from England, UK. “The Hermit” is an excerpt from her first book of poems, “City of the World”.

Thank you for considering featuring my poetry,
Laura Marie Clark

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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  1. issuudotcomslashdewane

    A Friend Of Trappists’

    The Hermit…

    Now huddled in a hovel

    Left his Monastic dwellings

    Forsook his brothers for a time

    shed his cloak and robe

    to don the guise of just another

    “Joe blow”

    Unable to sate…

    What his heart has yearned for

    Disciplined in the ways of humility, selflessness modesty

    And finds that meditations, hours, Angels, charity

    Still leaves him in a state of longing

    In Grace but wondering…

    Is there yet still more?

    In seclusion he denies self

    And waits…

    Fasts himself into a higher plane

    Face down prostrate is where he prays

    His tears salt the earth

    A seedling soaks it in

    A single blade at a time

    The grass grows beneath him

    High above…

    An eagle espies a field mouse near him

    In a power dive swoops down

    Mighty talons clasp it’s prey

    it’s business as usual

    in the order of things

    all is as should be


    In solitude you search

    Life continues…

    And it’s all

    In a day

    In a day

    In a day

    Open your eyes and adjust to the light

    See in the dark in faith

    Go to where you are needed

    Give as given

    You will be given what to say

    For all the good of intentions

    Are sometimes worthless pursuits

    If while nurturing a single blade

    Your imprint blocks the light

    And stifles a once verdant pasture!

    Saint Francis made a statement



    not by seclusion,

    but by a Powerful walk

    And an immutable statement of fact

    made to be by The Holy Spirit

    clearly heard!

    “All things working together for good…” -Romans 8:28


  2. An analogy of human life found demonstrated in nature. Very nice.


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