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Daily Archives: March 11, 2016

Tuckered out – Promote Yourself

Tuckered out
fell fast asleep with rose colored glasses on
awoke in an air-conditioned room feverishly trembling in fear
stumbled out into a hot and humid dawn
with clouded lenses saw silhouettes
wearing big silly hats
that didn’t seem to fit upon bloated heads
so preposterous had to laugh
where to, dressed like that?
Shadowy figures, ersatz, bizarre, elongated
compressed funhouse mirror images
struggled through a skewed vision arms akimbo
feigned resolve in a limbo of ambiguity
convex conclaved saddened and distraught
over the loss of so many once beautiful imaginary plants
that time and a diseased mind
had sown
along with all the thorns that also had grown
Such and such’s
so and so’s
neglected, taken for granted
often forgetting
how to pretend
to water them
Mourn the deaths of unbegotten substitutes
for sons and daughters
say a prayer just because it seems as though
an awkward silence needs to be filled
kinda’ seems like…
someone oughtta’Took the rose colored glasses off
to try to wipe the smudges away
with the hem of a filthy garment
it slipped from out of greasy hands
bounced and tumbled
deep down beyond reach
into a curbside storm drain
Terror of terror’s
contemplating what might or might not be seen
without them on
hands sweating nervously
but the shirt in the light of day
was not filthy at all
Peered around cautiously
and saw folks of every kind
just plain ole’ folks…
And the truly amazing thing was…
with the glasses off
we could see into each other’s eyes
Every single one of them that passed closeby
did not for a moment hesitate to smile and say:
“good morning”
where to now?
And what of this strange sensation
something warm and wet rolling down a cheek
from out of the deepest darkest corner
of a mind’s eye
and seeping silently into a heart
hurts in a good way
to relate this story
it’s a mystery for sure…
A Gomez
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