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Daily Archives: March 15, 2016

Oblivion – Promote Yourself


Slowly I feel myself slipping away into oblivion. I feel my empty vessel of a soul start to crush my being.
I no longer feel any pleasure from deeds I have done. I only feel the slow erosion of my pathetic existence .
I stare into the darkness that is my body and brain, and see a swirling mass of confusion.
Nothing it seems will stop the darkness from being
I once saw hope I thought I was in control, but fool as I am I never had a clue.
Many emotions , thoughtless deeds could not prepare me for the void that I face.
I stand alone on the presipus  staring into the emptiness that my life has created
Through the hole in my soul I feel a clawing a ripping burning sensation that can only be m eased by the slow release of death.
Death, she stares at me and calls my life she beckons my soul, this feeling I know all to well
I wish I could stop hurting and end my wasted hurtful life. I see now that I have failed.
All I thought I was doing all I have done, was just empty gestures trying to ask for forgiveness.
So now i stand on the edge of the void looking back to see the wasted effort that was my being.
I ask her to please release me from this last step and let me go.
But she only looks at me and smiles and calls my name like whispers on the wind.
I feel her say to me just stand there and look what could have been look what wasn’t.
So I wait fir the final push the final curtain to say goodbye
Oblivion is nothingness empty wasted souls that have done nothing with their chance
I soon will be in my own death my own oblivion and the world will be better off
I had a chance and failed and all my thoughts have been curtailed
I can see her smile as she grabs my arm it is time to go now you no longer will do harm
Please take this lesson I am trying to give Oblivion will collect you and again you will no longer live
Not in good Not in bad just a lost emptiness where all are sad
Oblivion is my way out life please let me go I have had my chance and failed to show
I say good by , laugh if you will But be careful my friend your own Oblivion meet you will..

Sean P Warren

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