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Daily Archives: March 28, 2016

Tobermory Boy – Promote Yourself


White-tailed eagles and seagulls
Rose high above the clouded contours
I will depart these static shores
Closing all the doors
Scattering ancient skulls

A shaded eye cast out at sea
Was all that remained of me
And he, that boy of Tobermory
With broken bones, from clambered tree
Sang with outstretched family

Ships approach by sound alone
Church bells blindly toll
A funnel muffles an angry groan
The sea, the sea, let it roll
We all sell our youthful souls

I, not he, will leave these shores
Will take my dreams away
He, in lanes, behind closed doors
Can only weep and stay
Alone to silently pray

Alongside dunes – some swooping gulls
Their journey takes full flight
Unlit lamps obscure the path that dulls
Direction – to a boy with tears in evening light:
To Mull, to Mull.

And views escape my ageing sight
Cut coastline dragged and drowned
I remember the young eagle in flight
Amid the ruins and bog–laden ground
Listening for the homeward sound.

Stephen Holloway

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