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Virgin Spring – Promote Yourself


Fountain of Youth

 Once there was a fountain

In a distant, uncultivated land.

Purely, it flowed and glimmered,

Untouched by human hand.


After it was discovered

Many flocked to taste.

They stayed awhile and visited

And few left in haste.


Soon the men grew weary

Of stooping for a drink,

So they made a hollow stick

Allowing them to stand at the brink.


This boosted the stream’s popularity

And the visitors increased.

Yet soon it was rumored that

The spring’s coolness had decreased.


The traveler’s purchased blocks

Of ice from merchants of the sea.

They placed them in the fountain

In hopes, they’d discovered the key.


The ice cooled the stream

For awhile, then melted all away

Leaving traces of where it’d been

Which were unnoticed in that day.


Again the men complained

Of the hike made for a sip,

So they decided to allow one another

To bring their bottles for a dip.


With such a precious water

Transported throughout the land,

Word of the spring grew,

So its pioneers developed a plan.


Today, the sacred water can

Be purchased in any shop:

Seven-eleven, Exxon, Wal-Mart

It sells on my street for three bucks a pop.


As for the quiet spring,

It dried up years ago,

And the water in the bottles

Comes from a sink in Idaho.

Bio: Kayla I. Shown-Dean is the author of Muted and her newly published collection of poetry, Autumn Leaflets. She is also a blogger and regular contributor to

Kayla is also a member of White County Creative Writers and Arkansas Women Bloggers, and she attends the annual Writer’s Retreat at the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum.

In addition to writing, Kayla has a full-time job at a local university, and she teaches English part-time as an adjunct. She lives with her husband and son, who is a preschooler. When she has free time, Kayla enjoys reading, writing, blogging, painting, drawing, and singing. Visit her blog at

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