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Daily Archives: April 19, 2016


Why are the leaders of the world so inept?
That they continue to allow tyrannies to thrive
Why are they not prepared to take action?
To ensure that thousands starving to death are kept alive
Is it because they appear to be of no value
That their countries are not vital to the world’s economy
There may be other reasons for their inaction
But that is how it appears to me
What are they doing about drug production?
Which destroys so many people’s lives
Columbia continues to export tons of cocaine
The growing of opium poppies in Afghanistan still thrives
In the Sudan people are still dying of starvation
And thousands are being subjected to cruelty
We’ve seen the television reports which confirm this
And our Foreign Minister says it is a tragedy
But why do we allow these things to continue
Knowing it will cause millions to suffer a dire fate
Talking about it will not provide the solution
Action is required before it is too late
Ron Martin

Good Manners

I held the door to allow a lady to enter a shop
And as a result I got a very pleasant surprise
For she stood, looked at me, and said “Thank You”
Her good manners brought a tear to my eyes
For good manners are very scarce today
I thought they had been consigned to history
Why this should be is hard to understand
In fact it has become quite a mystery
For when we were young we were taught to be polite
To stand up on a bus to let a lady sit down
But that does not appear to be the practice today
As I observe when I travel on the tram into town
Are good manners not being taught in our schools
Are the teachers too busy teaching dancing and singing?
We should never underestimate good manners
For they are a sign of a good upbringing
It has been said that good manners cost nothing
But their benefits are hard to evaluate
They can have a profound effect on our charisma
And can lift us from being average to first rate
Good manners help to improve relationships
And these are important as we travel on life’s way
For we all expect other people to respect us
And it is important that good manners are taught today 
By Ron Martin

Just Thinking

old man
I was sitting by the fire, listening to the radio
Thinking of my life so many years ago
The things I did as a child, and as a youth
And began to realise that I must face the truth
That now by body is racked with aches and pain
I shall never be able to do such things again.
I used to meet my young friends in the park
And play with them until it was getting dark
The hardest thing that we had to decide
Was whether we would go backwards down the slide?
Oh yes, there was one other thing
How high we dare go on the swing.
Those childhood days went quickly past
And I became grown up at last
Exams were passed, my school days were over
Until then I had not realised I had been in clover
Now there was less time to play
I had to go out to earn my pay
Now, I found that this was hard to do
It seemed that everyone was watching you
To see if you would make the grade
And put your work mates in the shade
Or would just sit back and hope no one
Would think it was time that you had gone
And now I am old I can look back
Thankful that there is nothing that I lack
As I sit here I must face the truth
And accept that I have lost my youth
Thinking of the things that I used to do
As I sit by the fire listening to the radio
Ron Martin



Thank you God for the beauty,

 You bedecked this wonderful world,

 For the beauty of nature,

And its mysteries you unfurled.


For all the beautiful landscapes,

For the blueness of the skies,

For the many tiny insects,

The bees and butterflies,


Thank you for the sun,

That bathes our world with light,

Thank you for the moon,

That lights our way at night.


Thank you for the birds,

That fills our world with sound,

And for the animal kingdom,

That brings joy to all around.


Thank you for the air we breathe,

The water and the seas,

Thank you for the beautiful flowers,

 The rain and gentle breeze.


Thank you for life itself,

To experience these wonderful things,

To be part of your glorious Kingdom,

And all the gifts that it brings.


 Malcolm G Bradshaw



Everything has a purpose,

Everything has its place,

Like the beauty of this planet,

As it revolves around in space.


We must thank our creator,

For this wonderful world of ours,

We must thank him for the food we eat,

And natures beautiful flowers.


We must thank him for the sun,

As it sends out warmth and light,

The moon for its wonderful moonbeams,

As they illuminate the night.


Spring is when nature awakes,

When everything is fresh and green,

When all the plants burst into bloom,

It is an occasion that must be seen.


Summer is a time,

To enjoy the warmth of the sun,

It is a busy time for the farmer,

A time for the harvest to be done.


Autumn is the season,

When everything slows down,

When trees shed their foliage,

As they gently fall to the ground.


Life is like the seasons,

Spring represents our start,

Summer is our prime of life,

Autumn is when we part.


For our spirit only leaves our body,

It will continue in another form,

For as we enter the spirit world,

A new life for all will dawn.


Malcolm G Bradshaw   

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