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Daily Archives: April 26, 2016

Let us all put aside for a while

sunny hill

And look what religion is doing

We need to question their actions

And these actions need pursuing

Every movement feel they are right

And that every other faith is wrong

Surely this cannot be the case

And why can’t we all get along

I am sure the creator of our universe

Through his wisdom and his grace

Feels disappointed what we are doing

To the world and the human race

Our creator will not interfere

Although his patients has been tested

For every one has been given free will

But in the situation he is very interested

There is only one energy in this universe

Who feels that the energy is love?

Enjoy your beliefs with no malice

From your wonderful creator above

Live your life in harmony with each other

In peace all walk hand in hand

For loving your fellow being

Is what our creator had planned?

  Malcolm Bradshaw

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