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Daily Archives: April 30, 2016

The Ash Tree – Promote Yourself



It was when the path became a road

That I went right for I was told,

The way itself was paved in gold,

Where youth remained “never old.”


But left was right and right was wrong

I should have known that all along,

For the moment came then it was gone,

One final verse from one final song.


There was no riddle to this maze

Her beauty held no average gaze,

Or could be dreamt from a careless daze,

And consumed me still in a frantic blaze.


At first the seasons remained the same

But by and by they began to change,

And in me saw this something strange,

That my want for her began to age.


Do not mistake this for a foolish dunce

It didn’t happen all at once,

But as the weeks passed by and turned to months,

I saw my freedom as some precious bunce.


On a reckless youth I’d love to blame

Or on what Nature made but couldn’t tame,

For I had a reason–but I lost its name,

Now my source of pride is my point of shame.


So when bottom fell and our time had passed

She became once more, more than I could ask,

But the space between had grown too vast,

We’d gone too far and far too fast.


Oh what a wicked lesson learned

When once crossed there was no return,

Now each regret must await its turn,

And stoke this fire to an endless burn.


So upon the edge of a great divide

In the hallowed corners of my mind,

I see now that I was blind,

It was me I found I couldn’t find.


Now darkness hangs on sleepless nights

Where there are no colors, black or white,

And with her gone so went the light,

And what is left is far from right.

Copyright © 2016 by John Snowdon

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