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Daily Archives: May 1, 2016

The force of life – Promote Yourself




I am the wind ‘ that you breath ‘ I am the blood that runs

through your veins ‘ for I am the movement of your soul ‘ to where you travel to make you whole.

I am the vision ‘ is what you see ‘ I am the strength  ‘ to make you free ‘ I am the thought to make you shine ‘ for you to follow ‘ and learn in time .

For I  am the guidance ‘ to show you the way ‘ for this you will see the truth ‘ comes what may .

Patricia Bourne WordPress 2014.

Facebook / journey though life.

“I Read A Poem Today” – Promote Yourself


I read a poem today

Not cause I thought about u today
Or missed u today
But because I was curious about

what you had to say

In essence, you say

my absence affects you

A statement your actions

deem prophetically untrue

Understand that my demeanor is not of my choosing  
Cause our memories…

my mind hinders

as thoughts linger
of what yesterday..with u..once brought

I read a poem today

It was called “You”
I read and reread each line
to ensure comprehension

A Line by Line explanation

capturing my attention…

dictating how you think you’re starting to feel for me
I wonder if its real..

but still

your memory

provokes chills


You compare our narrative

to that of the gods




And though my smile

is a godly power only you convey

Your stained papyrus

I’m tempted to fray






have any inkling how to

Treat a goddess

So Timeless..

I read a poem today


“I L-l-like you..” it read

I wasn’t impressed

Cause you

Camouflage your

Executions of tomfoolery

So eloquently…

Lying lips licked love so lightly and

Made loyalty look so likely..

Put simply…

You’re no stranger

to the danger

that comes with…breaking hearts.





I pray to the gods

that your words ARE real;

I pray for



and Emotional Accessibility

So that your words

may reach ME

and not ….my ego

So here I go…


Dear God,


Can you hear me?

Its me, Jay.


He says he’s ready to keep writing


the day his writing will reach me..


So I sit here ready to keep reading

In hopes that one day his words

Will reach their home

In me.


I read a poem today.


On May Morning by John Milton – Famous poet


Life of John Milton (1608-1674)


John Milton was born on December 9, 1608, in London, as the second child of John and Sara (neé Jeffrey). The family lived on Bread Street in Cheapside, near St. Paul’s Cathedral. John Milton Sr. worked as a scrivener, a legal secretary whose duties included preparation and notarization of documents , as well as real estate transactions and moneylending. Milton’s father was also a composer of church music, and Milton himself experienced a lifelong delight in music. The family’s financial prosperity afforded Milton to be taught classical languages, first by private tutors at home, followed by entrance to St. Paul’s School at age twelve, in 1620. 

In 1625, Milton was admitted to Christ’s College, Cambridge. While Milton was a hardworking student, he was also argumentative to the extent that only a year later, in 1626, he got suspended after a dispute with his tutor, William Chappell.


On May Morning

Now the bright morning Star, Day’s harbinger,
Comes dancing from the East, and leads with her
The Flowery May, who from her green lap throws
The yellow Cowslip, and the pale Primrose.
Hail bounteous May that dost inspire
Mirth and youth, and warm desire,
Woods and Groves, are of thy dressing,
Hill and Dale, doth boast thy blessing.
Thus we salute thee with our early Song,
And welcome thee, and wish thee long.

On May Morning

by John Milton

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