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The Summertime Kiss – Promote Yourself


Summertime air so hot and so thick
Even the dog makes an effort to lick
The ice cold water in a cool metal dish
Winter weather is now for what we all wish

The evening is different, the sun has gone down
The air has cooled off, we’re no longer drowned
From the sweat dripping over us, a constant admonition
The summer is here, we need air condition.

But that evening breeze, and the beauty it carries
Makes me relax and think of picking strawberries
Picking them out in a large open field
Line after line, and no need to yield.

There are berries aplenty
No need to hoard
Just fill up our buckets
And thank the good Lord

For providing us with such a bountiful crop
Making cakes and desserts all day, non stop.
Full bellies at bedtime, and hearts full of bliss
It is summertime magic that brings us this kiss

Winter brings havoc with ice and heavy snow
But summer brings magic that makes us all glow
Whether sun tanned or happy, smiles abound
Summer time brings a certain joy to the town

We stay up much later and play in the dark,
We catch lightning bugs down the road at the park
We spend hours outside in the pool swimming
Then hours of rest to wake up and persist in

Another day in the sun, a day filled with fun
A day to just play but to remember the one
The one thing that summer returns with each year
Is the summertime kiss filled with play and good cheer!!


Poetry and “other” play


It starts with a look, a casual glance
A prelude of what’s to come
A smile, a sparkle, a gleam in his eye
Let’s me know of the upcoming fun


A dance in the kitchen
Then all through the place
We do our “To-do” list
And after that, begins chase

With laughter and elation
Our dance does commence
We abandon the clocks
Time is suppressed

love in flight

To the bedroom we go
Like young teenagers sneaking
Making love to the sounds
Of our own heavy breathing

“I love you” he says
Halfway through this dance
“I love you too” I respond
Although deep in a trance

Love at the core
The music we hear
The channel is tuned
Coming in quite clear

moon and back

My Sunday morning
Although sick today
Is one Sunday morning
I hope to replay

Over and over
Until our time ends
His time or mine
This dance transcends

All other dances
I’ve ever danced
This is my favorite dance
Filled with love and romance.


Until our next dance…



Poetry Play

I wrote a song today

With a pen and some paper

But no instrument to play


I baked a cake as well

Lots of chaos in the kitchen

Between the  temp outside and the oven on, I feel like I’m in hell


I played in the garden and planted new plants

My hands and fingers were filthy

As well as my pants


I played with my son

Just the two of us

We were inside and out

But had a day with no fuss


A day with all smiles

A day with some play

A day with my mom

Is never wasted away


Time spent with love ones

Times just like these

Are the times I will forever

Plead not to leave


These times are all stored

In a box in my mind

So when I’m feeling sad

I can go back to find


The laughter the play

The wise words of mom

The memories of time well spent

Put together in a song


I’ll never forget the times

Such as these

Even when life has me down on my knees


There’s no rhythm or rhyme

Or particular verse

I march to my own drum

And don’t need to rehearse


It sounds foreign to you

Who follows the rules

of the written law

which I refuse to amuse


I write what I write

if it’s in my  head

And at the end of the day

I sleep fine in my bed


The beauty of marching

to the beat of your own drum

Is knowing that you’re recording memories

And having much more fun.


Will I get noticed?

Will I “make it” someday?

Who cares?! I don’t

I’m just here to play

Hello.  My name is Kate.  I’m 35 years old and live in the US in New York.  I haven’t touched poetry in 11 or more years.  I was prompted to give it a try and it’s almost as if I was born to write; it’s in my DNA.  It comes so easily to me.  Maybe I’m not as good as I could be, but it’s definitely something I enjoy and would be willing to receive constructive criticism to better my writing.  Here are three new poems that I wrote while “playing with poetry.”

Poetry after 11 years

As I said in my earlier posts, I’m now into writing adult non-fiction.  However, I came across a blog today, encouraging poets to submit their work.  Well, it’s been well over 11 years since I’ve written anything remotely close to being poetic, but thought I’d give it a try.  This is the response (the theme is summertime).  The ONLY reason I’m posting it on my blog, is because of the kind words that followed.  Thank you so much Forgotten Meadows for your kind heart and words of encouragement.  Maybe I’ll give poetry another try…  In the meantime, thank you for also opening up a new outlet for me; one that I believed was long gone.

Kate Fahey

A HOT SUMMER DAY! – Promote Yourself

Waking up knowing the day will be filled with water and sun.
Swimming in the ocean, friends laughing, what could be more fun?
Splashing and chasing, giggles and shouts of joy,
it didn’t matter if you were a girl or a boy.
Through the eyes of your children seeing it again,
a reminder of yourself way back when.
And when it comes time for bed
As you remembered, they also fought it all the way as they lay down their weary head.
Their little eye lids so heavy they are asleep before goodnight is said.
And if you are very lucky and life goes as it should,
you will experience the feeling again with your grand kids which is very very good.
For those are memories that keep your heart happy and young,
and isn’t that what we want when all is said and done.
Linda Garcia

Naked Summer – Promote Yourself


Blue shimmering horizon
Skin cascading against the light

I am golden

I am floating deeper
Warmer than and
Stronger and
Breathing cleaner

Sun setting on our smiles

Lounging beyond the rocks
Beneath the heat
The cool depths
Kissing our toes
As we float on…

Emerald sparkle
To ride the waves
To the secret place
To take us all
To that special space
To swim in the
Blue mirror

The sun splashes
Across the surface
Exploding diamond ripple
From the sky
Washing our eyes
With fortune
And gorgeous motion
In the endless wake
Of the winds of change

Who could have known
That the cliffs of old stone
Would go beyond 
The surface

Who could have known
That the pain of tomorrow
Could be washed of its sorrow
With yesterday’s diamonds

Today is an island
We dive in the water
And swim for the high lands

John Thursday

The Colours of Summer – Promote Yourself


My name is Denny B. Reese. I am a poet of Canada who graduated from Nipissing University with a Bachelor of English degree and am now working to be a self published author. Here is the poem “The Colours of Summer” that I would like to showcase on your site. I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity you offer.

The colours of summer
Come walk beside me on a summer day
See the children tossing sand
As they run across the beach with red pails in hand
Flashing smiles like the sun
And laughing with the gulls
See the white sails on the blue tinted horizon
Bobbing in the water like toy boats
In an overflowing bathtub
As the rush of water fills your ears
See the ball go up
Spinning away into the blue skies
Into the eye of the sun
Over the heads of children
Into the shining blue



Days start to get shorter as the seasons change

Each has what they feel is their favorite time

Whether Spring or Fall, Winter or Summer

Voicing that preference is not any real crime.


Winter has to be my least favorite season

The sun can be pretty reflecting on fresh snow

Drinking hot cocoa and cuddling, curled by a fire

But unfortunately I can’t stay in 3 months, I know.


Spring and Fall give a change that is welcome

But they don’t seem to last long enough for me

The gentle rains on the roof as you try to sleep

Just hope there is no damaging weather to see.


Summer will always be my favorite time of year

Sure it gets hot, but so much better on my bones

Lay by the pool or straddle the bike for a day trip

Not to mention bodies in all those tanning tones.


I recognize others have their reasons for a choice

Whatever season they prefer that differs from mine

Guess that us just another example of personality traits


Enjoy what you will, let me have months of sunshine

Charles Townsend

Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday

Summer the season of the sun

Holidays breaks on your mind
All the kids having lots of fun
Parents walking on the warm sand

Ice cream melting down your arm
Cold drinks taken by the bottle
Sun cream protect you from harm
While kids build a sandcastle

Walking round the resort at night
Enjoying the cool evening breeze
Taking in all the local sights
Temperatures still twenty degrees

The beach is the plan for the day
Getting the sand between your toes
Looking out across the bay
Spots a dolphin there she blows

The summer holiday is at it’s end
Bags packed reluctantly ready for home
All postcards have been written and sent
Roll on for next summer to come

Unknown Author

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? (Sonnet 18) YOUR FAVOURITE POEM


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature’s changing course, untrimmed;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st,
Nor shall death brag thou wand’rest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to Time thou grow’st.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
William Shakespeare



Summer In The Square – Promote Yourself


Summer In The Square

I’m wondering with

Eyes itching with hayfever

Why we do all this


Maybe Beryl knows

Ice cold water bottle fun

And the sky shines on


Curious pigeon

Trace sharp tongues of grass to find

Us hugging the sun


A warmth not human

It’s the glow of our childhood

That’s not coming back


It’s everything we

Wish would stay the same, but it

Just shows the difference


Clouds kissing my skin

Cut grass and oily coconut cream

The smile of freedom


Emily Duke

I’ve added one of my poems I’d love for you to feature on your page, looks like you’re always posting a wide range of stuff! 
I’ve been writing poetry for quite a few years now and am currently in my third year of an English Degree in Brighton. I started my blog about six months ago and it’s got off to a really good start, so I’d love for you to add a link to it if you publish my poem too 🙂 

Elegance Revisited on a Summer Lawn


Sweet summer sounds begin night’s revelry

We gather newly, friends of every

walk of life distant paths did create

a journey that brings us here to this date.

Scan sure across the lawn and see each new

smile, response, laughter suggests we all knew

one another in time, another place

when life moved fast, our hearts barely at pace.

Visions complete alluring escapade

her eyes appear, are met by shadowed shade

A sudden stir captures the minions,

sweet elegance presents your white linens

I can only watch your beauty in grace

while everyone near, forgets our embrace.


© Thom Amundsen 2014

Summer: – Promote Yourself



I enjoyed my summer holidays, but they came and went. I enjoyed the summer scents, but they came and went. White and Blue butterflies flew past me. New life grew on the acorn tree beside me, but that came and went. The sun shun a smile for us, reflective heat sitting next to a window on the bus, but that came and went. Summer birds like to sing a summer song. Frogs ribbit jumping from pond to pond, but that’s been and gone. The heat of the day and the heat of the night. Birds enjoying talking together on their midnight flight. Boys run on the beech with their brand new kites. Picnics by a beautiful lake with a beautiful girl, bringing a beautiful smile to my inner world. Summers been and gone, so I can’t wait until the next one comes along.

Luke Harris



sea side

Where have all the summers gone,

Those barmy days spent in the sun,

The memories all come flooding back,

When I was very young.


I am sure we had rainy days,

When it was murky and cold,

I seem to remember only warm days,

And the stories that I was told.


Of stories by the seaside,

In caravans lit by gas,

Of ablutions that were separate,

A necessary trip alas.


Tucked up in bed in the caravan,

Listening to the pouring rain,

Then up again next morning,

To see the sun shining again.


After breakfast up to the sea,

Carrying our bucket and spade,

Filled it with sand and seashells,

Then counted all the sandcastles we made.


Off to the funfair,

Won a hat, kiss me quick,

Rode all the rides,

That made me felt quite sick.


All these things I remember,

And good times that we had,

I will never forget the summers,

When I was just a lad.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

Before Summer Rain by Rainer Maria Rilke – Famous poets


Rainer Maria Rilke


Rainer Maria Rilke was a Bohemian–Austrian poet and art critic. He is considered one of the most significant poets in the German language.. Bohemian-Austrian poetRilke was the only child of a German-speaking family in Prague, then part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. His father was a retired officer in the Austrian army who worked as a railroad official; his mother, a socially ambitious and possessive woman. At age eleven Rilke began his formal schooling at a military boarding academy, and in 1891, less than a year after transferring to a secondary military school, he was discharged due to health problems, from which he would suffer throughout his life. He immediately returned to Prague, to find that his parents had divorced in his absence. Shortly thereafter he began receiving private instruction toward passing the entrance exams for Prague’s Charles-Ferdinand University. In 1894 his first book of verse,Leben und Lieder: Bilder und Tagebuchblatter, was published.

Before Summer Rain

something-you don't know what-has disappeared;
you feel it creeping closer to the window
in total silence. From the nearby wood

you hear the urgent whistling of a plover
reminding you of someone's Saint Jerome:
so much solitude and passion come
from that one voice whose fierce request the downpour

will grant. The walls with their ancient portraits glide
away from us cautiously as though
they weren't supposed to hear what we are saying.

And reflected on the faded tapestries now:
the chill uncertain sunlight of those long
childhood hours when you were so afraid

 by: Rainer Maria Rilke

 YOUR FAVOURITE POEM sent in by you, what's yours ?

By a tree, one summer morning – Promote Yourself


SUMMER IS COMING – Promote Yourself


Summer is coming,
Here comes the heat,
Women wearing dresses,
And shoes on their feet.

The heat is rising,
It comes with the morning sun,
It cools in the evening,
After the day is done.

I’d sit out on my balcony,
Write a verse or two,
I’d sit and think a while,
And take in the view.

My name is Michelle Mackenzie,
You may not know me,
But when I am writing,
I can be who ever I want to be. 

Summer is coming,
I soak in the sun,
And when night time falls,
I know my day is done.

Michelle Mackenzie
Age 27

“The Forgotten Soldier” – Promote Yourself


You gave your all, your time, your life

Set apart, you felt the call to defend against strife

Expendable to the powers that be, but for us, a hero that leads

Selfless, brave, even against the feeling of fear


Much you have seen, sacrificed, and lost

Much you have gained, received, and felt

The bothered mind returns home, hoping to feel the security of embrace

Needful of care, love, and understanding


We salute you, as ordinary people of ordinary minds

We could never comprehend but we lend a helping hand

We bow down, as the masses do before their king

To show our gratitude and devotion to your service


Forgotten? No, not by us

Maybe by them, but not by your people

For we belong to you, and you to us… So,

In remembrance we hail you and embrace you in love,


Thank you for your sacrifice

Although not a proponent of war, I support our troops, as many in my own family have served. I wish all troops peace and blessings.

Dara Reidyr

Spirits in the sky


An old medicine man wandered into the Indian camp

To seek an audience with the great chief Sitting Bull

Who was sitting outside his lodge

His war council sat all around

He beckoned Sitting Bull to one side

Before you go into battle

Seek guidance from the spirits in the sky

Go to the great lakes

The homeland of your forefathers

Who went there before you

Where the grass is green and the buffalo roam.”

A great wind and cloud rose out from the ground

The spirits of the Wolf, the Bear, and the Eagle

Along with the ghost riders in the sky

The Warriors battle had been long forgotten

Where soldiers bullets just flew by,

You will Be safe my brave young warrior”

Sitting Bull rose at sunlight

Morning dew was still upon the ground,

He rode back to the camp where there were tepees

Scattered all around.

Next day the battle was upon him

War bonnet and paint he adored

On his white stallion he did ride

To meet soldiers in the Valley

Who were Spoiling for a fight,

Has Sitting Bull saw the soldiers

He galloped at them hard and fast

Whooping and howling

His war cry as he rode past,

The soldiers fired their rifles

But bullets travelled straight past

His warriors watched in amazement

From a bluff way up high,

Now they all believe in the vision

And the spirits in the sky

By Thomas  Sims

“I Dig That Selfie”.- Promote Yourself



Who needs a super hero

When you’ve got a super smurf

With magic powers that you can’t see,

He would use his powers

And amused us for hours

But by using his powers

He got stuck to the side of his cage,

Because a magnet he ate

it’s a good job he didn’t eat too many,

The size of a penny

But one had fallen off the spider man’s foot

Then it got stuck in the smurfs furry cheek

For nearly a week,

Now Spider man’s been put back on the shelf

Then one day the magnet popped out,

Just leaving a graze at the side of smurf’s face

And Smurf is now back to his loopy old self

Thomas Sims

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