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Spirits in the sky


An old medicine man wandered into the Indian camp

To seek an audience with the great chief Sitting Bull

Who was sitting outside his lodge

His war council sat all around

He beckoned Sitting Bull to one side

Before you go into battle

Seek guidance from the spirits in the sky

Go to the great lakes

The homeland of your forefathers

Who went there before you

Where the grass is green and the buffalo roam.”

A great wind and cloud rose out from the ground

The spirits of the Wolf, the Bear, and the Eagle

Along with the ghost riders in the sky

The Warriors battle had been long forgotten

Where soldiers bullets just flew by,

You will Be safe my brave young warrior”

Sitting Bull rose at sunlight

Morning dew was still upon the ground,

He rode back to the camp where there were tepees

Scattered all around.

Next day the battle was upon him

War bonnet and paint he adored

On his white stallion he did ride

To meet soldiers in the Valley

Who were Spoiling for a fight,

Has Sitting Bull saw the soldiers

He galloped at them hard and fast

Whooping and howling

His war cry as he rode past,

The soldiers fired their rifles

But bullets travelled straight past

His warriors watched in amazement

From a bluff way up high,

Now they all believe in the vision

And the spirits in the sky

By Thomas  Sims

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  1. Goosebumps in a good way…..


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