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History has so many lessons to teach us
So many truths that we can discern
We might be concerned with events in the past
But it is the future which should be our main concern
This future will depend upon the preparation we make
The willingness to use the skills that we possess
To hone them to the peak of perfection
And not to adopt the attitude of those who couldn’t care less
There are some who think the world owes them a living
And that others should provide the benefits they crave
That a good pension will be provided for them in their old age
And that there is no need for them to save
But recent revelations have shown this to be an illusion
And that the country cannot afford the sums involved
That the number of people drawing pensions is increasing
It is a problem that must ultimately be solved
Otherwise the future for the older generations will be bleak
As they struggle to survive on what others can afford
If the poor cannot save for their old age
Then the Government will need to do something we can applaud
How much longer can the problem be ignored?
Can we continue to bury our heads in the sand?
It is a serious problem with which we are confronted
One which demands that the solution is carefully planned
Unless taxation is going to be dramatically increased
Then better use must be made of the revenue they currently take
Either way this will involve sacrifices by those enjoying a good standard
It’s a difficult decision that any future government must make 

Ron Martin

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