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My Garden


My garden is a place i love to be

It’s like an island set in a tempestuous sea

Where i can withdraw from the problems of life

From a world torn with trouble and strife

It’s a place where contentment can be found

In appreciating the beauty which is all around

Above the silence there can be heard

The buzzing of the bee or the chirping fo a bird

It’s a place where many colours catch the eye

I can behold the beauty of the butterfly

If one looks closely there can be seen

Signs of where the aphis and slugs have been

Sometimes i get the feeling that i am not on my own

And that other power seeks to make its presence known

The fragrance of the flowers provides the air

And god seems to be speaking to me there

When i contemplate the power of the one in control

Peace and serenity descend upon my soul

I ask myself how did all this come to be?

And without god it must remain a mystery.

Ron Martin

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I am an author writer publisher web administrator I run poetry workshops in the community. My published Manners childrens poetry book can be found at

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  1. I am moved by this gentle and touching work to comment that author William Young suggested in his acclaimed novel, “The Shack” that our souls are like a garden. It needs to be nourished with good soil and given patient attention to locate weeds. It is the Buddhist who maintain that we should not just to rip out weeds as if that solves the entire problem of weeds but rather in the fearless recognition that weeds are a part of a divine providence we are offered a way to God by striving to nourish good soil. How we chose to deal with weeds builds character with discipline and cultivates appreciation for God’s gifts. Daily we all create our own garden, whether with the discipline necessary to beautify our souls or choosing to ignore a care and let the weeds overtake the good seed. I still believe no matter which way we chose, to care or ignoring a care, that God does not discriminate and God will continue to visit our gardens but we ourselves will find it difficult to recognize God’s visits if we are trained to think that beauty are the weeds that consumes nourishment and leaves only waste and chokes the good seed, which will flower with good fruit. Socrates has said that beauty is ultimately the recognition of truth, and truth will bear good fruit not waste material.


  2. This is so beautiful! My thoughts exactly 🙂


  3. A garden can be a sanctuary for ones mind and soul 😊


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