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Daily Archives: August 3, 2016

DRUM BEAT – Promote Yourself


A lovers heart beat ‘ can only beat once ‘ for the power of love ❤ ‘ will live on forever ‘ than a day .

I only saw her once ‘ and she stole my heart ‘ for I shall never love another ‘ as I do her ‘ for i shall marry her this night .🌃

Tis she is my angel ‘ she us my shining star 🌟 of my existence ‘ she is my love ‘ for my heart beat ‘ is for her alone ‘ as lovers at first sight .💏💘.

Patricia Bourne WordPress 2014.

The Garden Colours Tend To Fade – Promote Yourself

Image result for sun shaded garden 

This garden grows in a bed of shade

As the light is dim where the seeds were laid,

In places where the sun can only half invade…

So the flowers’ colors tend to fade.

From the rise of dawn till the start of night

There are  more shadows than there is of light,

Yet this garden wills itself in spite

In the speckled patches where the shade is bright.

“How odd,” they said, “that you planted there

You could have planted anywhere.”

And even though that space was bare,

“What a waste,” they said, of time and care.”

But how many other things of matter

Whose initial worth were left in tatters,

Surpassed the first from beyond the latter;

Are now fertile grounds for furnished flatter?

No, this garden grows just where it should

Its roots took hold because they could.

Through droughts and storms it still withstood

To quiver light through trembling wood.

So by and by from time to time

That garden lingers in my mind,

On what else remains and poised to find…

Or what was lost when I was blind.

Still, I have a garden that lives in shade.

And it’s something pretty that I made

And though its colors tend to fade

Not for a 1000 other gardens would I trade.

John Snowden

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