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Tomatoes – Promote Yourself

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My peat-free Grow-in-the-Bag has three new plants –
or implants – wound-in green plugs tied to willow canes.
‘Grown from seed?’ my friend asks, and I nod.
Truth is they’re as alien to this soil as I am.
I imagine their threaded roots unwinding from the ball,
separating, trying to spread, and wonder if they’ll hit
the bottom quickly. Well, what do I know about tomato roots?
For now they are pretty things, my Moneymakers
and Gardeners’ Delight – like three Scarlet O’Hara’s
dressed in their emerald curtains determined to grow food.
Though a little voice inside me says: you wait and see,
with no glasshouse and nothing but that fly-about willow
to cling to, this soil could easily spit them out. And you.
Root by root, toe by reddening toe.


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