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Daily Archives: October 23, 2016

Certain Days Like These



Are we meant to match up with the climate around us?

Today’s forecast – gloomy,

periodic stillness

intermittent tears.

Winds that wound around our souls

create a need to seek shelter

from the agony of a reality that sometime implodes.


The rains leave us helpless when they spill onto dry eyes.

Water resistant fears

allow the cold, bitter, icy

trails beyond our reach

to become frozen;

We reach out skeptic

arms of early tanned limbs wanton of sunlit skies.


Are we expected to fold up our tents and buckle in fear?

The horizon is a masked hue

of forbidden outcomes

waiting to be renounced

or acted upon with frivolous

denial of lurking dangers.

Chasing storm fronts as we are told to fight our battles alone.


When I die the sun will rise as normally as an autumn mourning.

Temperatures will remain

as different as a forest trail

left without trodden norms

for two or three seasons

while the earth revives

Her manner of grace we so often forget envelops our silly lives.


©Thom Amundsen 2014

Might Listen



I go to your school

Yea, I’m that guy

The one you know

But choose to


I mean,

Granted you’re busy

Too ah, caught up

In trying to get along

To achieve

To feel that sense

Of what is the word-

Entitlement …

No, I’m sorry

I didn’t mean that

Well, yes I did

You see

I see you everyday

But well,


I know

You see me

Paths cross

Moments define

The brush of a shoulder

Heading to class

And just that brief encounter

Thus far defines who you are to me

Who I am to you

Who might sea …

I walk past you

How our lives interact

In the eyes of our community


Our worlds are labeled as different

Suggested the ‘Man’ to everyone

Thom Amundsen 2013


Women owe a lot to Mrs. Emily Pankhurst,
Who was the first militant suffragette,
She suffered many trials and tribulations,
Which those who have followed should not forget.
She founded the Woman’s Social and Political Union,
This was in Manchester in the year nineteen hundred and three,
She was supported by her two daughters Christabel and Sylvia,
With votes for women as their first priority.
They moved to London to lobby the Liberal Government,
And set about heckling leading politicians of the day,
They performed attention seeking stunts at processions,
Anything to allow women to have their say.
At first their actions were quite peaceful,
But in Nineteen twelve they became more militant,
They were directed by Christabel from Paris,
To where she had fled, but where she became more dominant.
Mrs. Pankhurst spent several spells in prison,
She went on hunger strike and was subject to force feeding,
She was so intent on getting votes for women,
Nothing could diminish her enthusiasm for the campaign she was leading.
When the First World War started she called off her campaign,
Realising that there were more important things to do,
She concentrated her efforts organising National Service,
But about votes for women she never changed her point of view.
When the war ended the politicians modified their opinions,
They had been influenced by the Campaign for Women’s Suffrage,
But Mrs. Pankhurst’s ambitions were only partly satisfied,
When votes were only given to married women over thirty years of age.
So Mrs. Pankhurst continued with her campaign,
And eventually her aspirations were satisfied,
All women over twenty one were given the vote
In nineteen twenty eight, a few weeks before Mrs. Pankhurst died.
Mrs. Pankhurst’s campaign lasted five and twenty years,
Her name is now part of our country’s history,
What she did will never be forgotten,
For she has left women a valuable legacy.
Ron Martin
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