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Certain Days Like These



Are we meant to match up with the climate around us?

Today’s forecast – gloomy,

periodic stillness

intermittent tears.

Winds that wound around our souls

create a need to seek shelter

from the agony of a reality that sometime implodes.


The rains leave us helpless when they spill onto dry eyes.

Water resistant fears

allow the cold, bitter, icy

trails beyond our reach

to become frozen;

We reach out skeptic

arms of early tanned limbs wanton of sunlit skies.


Are we expected to fold up our tents and buckle in fear?

The horizon is a masked hue

of forbidden outcomes

waiting to be renounced

or acted upon with frivolous

denial of lurking dangers.

Chasing storm fronts as we are told to fight our battles alone.


When I die the sun will rise as normally as an autumn mourning.

Temperatures will remain

as different as a forest trail

left without trodden norms

for two or three seasons

while the earth revives

Her manner of grace we so often forget envelops our silly lives.


©Thom Amundsen 2014

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