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Two men

The two men of age sat
With ice cream cones
That melted in the heat;
Each drip of luxury
Deliberately hung,
Heated and scorched,
Then scolding coldly
On a hand of history
August remained constantly pure
Blistering memories wide open
Their view of horizons widened
Across an azure blue-bathed vastness.
Yesterday the cauldron of battle,
In vineyards of Toledo
Of Catalonia :
Of Dust and time and land
Precious drops of reddened life
Seeped as wine in an
Iberian sun;
In Spain;
To scar an ancient earth.
The two men watched a sunset
Caress the shortening day
A gilded final stream of fading
Light strayed, illuminating
Their huddled figures:
They looked away.
By Steve Holloway.
The poem relates to the Spanish Civil War. Many ‘ordinary’ men and women from this country (and many other nations too) went to Spain to fight fascism between 1936 – 1939. It is the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the International Brigades in which many perished fighting Franco.

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4 responses

  1. Love the two old soldiers eating ice cream reflecting on the past.


  2. SHared this with some friends, such a wonderful poem.


  3. It works very well indeed. The stillness, the changing sky come over well- and the memories. Maybe you don’t need the last line. The sunset imagery does the work for you.


  4. If my grandfather would be alive today…, he still kept ranting on about the war all day since I was a kid I remember. Quite pissed off since he fought with the “Republicanos” the ones that lost the war. No wonder he was pissed off.

    Great piece of poetry.


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