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Daily Archives: February 27, 2018

Pancake day treat

When the children have finished play

They suddenly remember its Pancake day

Inside they run to see all the treats

That will surround their Pancake feast,

Jams fruit and cream a Pancake dream

The children lick their lips

Whilst mum masters the mixture and whips,

All the magic ingredients together

To produce batter as light as a feather

patiently the children wait,

Whilst mother designs and creates

This scrumptious feast

That will knock them off their feet

Once the Pancakes have reached their plates

She relishes in their happy faces

Their eyes light up with such joy

Like Christmas all over when opening their toys.

By Gillian Sims

Pancake day

The children all look forward

To the tradition of Pancake Day

Whilst mother cooked the pancakes

The children went outside to play


The smell of the pancakes cooking

Creating an hypnotic aroma in the air

Children just like a magnet

Drawn inside, just to stop and stare


They stood watching their Mother

Tossing the pancake with glee

Children shouting.” Please don’t drop it”

 Landing safely back in pan for all to see


Out came the oranges and lemons

Making them delicious to eat

Children tucking into the pancakes

Everyone enjoyed that pancake treat.


Malcolm G Bradshaw
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