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on a hot, splendid day in Louisberg, Missouri, USA, something strange was happening. A man was doing crazy things with pancakes. Not just a few pancakes, but actually close to 1,000 of them. Guinness World Records™ was invited along to see what exactly was going on.

Allow us to introduce Steve Hamilton (USA). Now, Steve is a normal guy with a wonderful family and an even more wonderful ambition. Steve wants to be known as the Pancake King. No, he wants to be the Pancake God. No, scratch that again. Steve. Is. Pancakes. For many years now, Steve and his team have been serving all sorts of sweet and savoury goodies across the USA. From French toast to flapjacks, Steve has been pleasing crowds with his culinary masterpieces for over 20 years.


On 23 June 2006, Steve claimed the Guinness World Records title formost pancakes made in one hour by an individual with an impressive total of 555 pancakes. This feat was beaten in 2008 by Canadian Bob Blumer with 559 pancakes. Steve wanted to reclaim the title. Bad.

On 6 May 2009 at Louisberg Middle School in Missouri, and with Guinness World Records Adjudicator Stuart Claxton presiding, the stage was set for Steve to prove his pancake-making supremacy. Right from the start, Steve was all action: pouring, flipping, toasting and serving. It seemed endless. We could hardly keep up with the man! And 60 minutes later, there we were… 956 pancakes served and flipped – a new Guinness World Records achievement! Mr Hamilton, we salute you.


But that wasn’t all. No sir. The very next day, Gregg Zimmerman and Brent A. Busch (both USA) beat off some stiff competition to claim the Guinness World Records title for the highest pancake toss ever. The record to beat was 7.3 m (24 ft), set by Dominic Michael Cuzzacrea (USA) on 20 June 2008. With the sun pouring down, the sweat streaming down their brows and passion in their pancake-shaped hearts, the boys matched each other at every turn… or toss. Finally they shook hands and shared the record. Both men tossed their pancakes an amazing 7.77 m (25 ft 6 in) and were crowned for their Guinness World Records achievement by Stuart Claxton.


The same day, Stuart had yet another feat to adjudicate. “School day at the K” is a special day for all the kids at Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals baseball team. For the past 11 years, FOX 4’s Mike Thompson and his weather team have given a fantastic weather lesson in front of thousands of local kids. This year they were going for something special. They were going to go for the largest meteorology lesson ever. Starting at around 10 a.m. on 7 May 2009, the kids started pouring in to the stadium for the special class. About one hour later, after experiments, displays and superb instruction by the team, Adjudicator Stuart Claxton presented Mike Thompson with a Guinness World Records certificate in front of 16,110 students!


Well done one and all!

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