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My little Green Friend

There was a little caterpillar,
I called him hairy Fred
He was searching round my garden,
Looking for a bed
He couldn’t find one leaf,
Or even a flower-pot
All there was, was soil,
My mum had cleared the lot
He crawled and wriggled some more,
Until finally he gave up
He had searched every corner,
And looked in every nook
He settled on the bin house,
And curled up for his snooze
Tomorrow he will search elsewhere,
And hopefully not lose.
Abbe  Cutforth

Fun at Nine Months Old – Prommote Yourself

Already you are 9 months old
I didn’t believe it when I was told,
“He’ll grow so quick, time will fly”
But the time really does fly by,
You’ve had your first visit to the park
We stayed and played until it got dark,
You sat on my knee as we slid down the slide,
I held you tight on the horsey ride
We’ve had our first trip to the beach,
Watching the donkeys that were out of reach
The weather wasn’t great but the wind made you smile,
Laughing and giggling all the while
We stood on the pier and looked out to sea,
Wait until you’re bigger and can paddle with glee
You will soon be crawling then walking away,
I’ll be chasing you every minute of every day
So until then I cuddle you close to my heart,
Then the invisible string will ensure we won’t be apart.

Abbe Cutforth

Baby Steps – Promote Yourself


Holding my breath I watch from close by
I know this is the moment my heart will fill with pride,
You pull yourself up like a million times before
But this time you’re unsteady, you look unsure,
Then it happens you take a step so small
My heart in my mouth hoping you don’t fall,
Another step then you fall on your bum
With a smile that says “look I did it mum”,
Just a few weeks later your confidence has grown
Everyone in the family you have shown,
By 13 months you’re walking all the time
Such a clever little boy, so proud you are mine.

Abbe Cutforth

Baby Jesus by Abbe Cutforth

Christmas joy

Happy Birthday – Promote Yourself


Happy birthday my precious  boy
Your first birthday will be full of joy,
I can’t believe you’re one already
A baby now growing nice and steady,
You change so much every day
The way you talk, look and play,
Your baby face is gradually fading
Each expression slowly changing,
You won’t stay this way for long
So I hold these memories, with my heart strong,
You’ve been spoilt just as you should be
I love to see you be so happy,
All the family have come to share your joy
You will always be our beautiful baby boy.

Abbe Cutforth

Foot prints in the sand

My head is spinning

The world seems surreal,

I can’t explain it

It’s just how I feel, 

For every footprint

Left in the sand,

For every person

Walking hand in hand,

I feel their love

But is it true,

Do their feelings run deep

Like mine do for you?

Do they smile, just because,

Will it be forever

Like it is for us?

I sometimes sit and wonder why

Why do you love me,

Why do you try?

I know we will last

I know our love is pure,

We will never be

A lost print on the shore.

By Abbe Cutforth

My perfect space By Gillian Sims and The third season by Abbe Cutforth



How time flies

I can’t believe how quick you’ve grown
These last 3 months have really flown,
Suddenly you are smiling away
Making the sunshine day by day,
The sleepless nights have been so tough
Each morning spent feeling rather rough,
But now you look up at me and you smile
I know each night has been worthwhile,
You are quickly growing, changing all the time
I’m just so glad you’re ours, you’re mine,
Your personality is now shining through
We are now getting to know the real little you,
You love a big cuddle and a great big kiss
As you get older, this I will miss,
I cherish each and every day we have
For I know it will all fly by so fast.
By abbe Cutforth




Eating lots of chocolate treats


Always enjoying an Easter feast


Stuffing our face’s till we feel ill


Tempting ourselves eating more still


Enjoying this holiday and all it brings


Roll on next years spring


By Abbe Cutforth

Another life



You show me love every day,

You show me right from wrong,

You cuddle till I fall asleep,

You wipe my tears when I weep,

You make me giggle, laugh, and smile,

I know for me you walk for miles,

I’m so proud to have you as my dad,

Every day you make me glad,

To be your son and have your love,

To me there is no one above,

You are the best one I hope you know,

My cuddles and kisses is how I show,

I love you daddy you’re the best,

Your so much better than the rest.

By Orion Woolvett

Age 8 and a half months

My Guilty Pleasure

There are lots of different kinds

Each just as yummy,

Milk, dark, or white

Some with nuts or honey,

As you bite into a piece

That release of pure pleasure,

Helps forget your worries

The taste you cannot measure,

I don’t care which brand I have

I don’t even care how much,

As long as I have a little piece

Just to taste and touch,

I couldn’t live without it

An addict I admit,

I cave in every time

I need just a little bit.

Abbe Cutforth



Please believe me

You’re all that I need,

You have to forgive me

I’m begging you please,

If I lost you now

My world would end,

You’re my lover, my soul mate

My best friend

I know I slipped

I know I was wrong,

But I couldn’t see

It was you all along,

I need you here

Please don’t go,

We will be ok

We can take it slow,

I know I hurt you

And told you lies,

But do we really

Have to say goodbye?

I’m yours forever

I promise I’ll stay true,

Don’t leave me know

All I want is you,

I’m truly sorry

From the bottom of my heart,

Just promise me now

We wont be apart.

 Abbe Cutforth


I love the colour of the autumn leaves

Blown to the ground in the gentle breeze

The air now feels so cool and fresh

The third season I love the best,

I love walking and watching the sky change

Until it changes bright blue

Then when dusk comes around

I find myself walking through the leaves so brown,

I  continue walking  along the side of the burbling brook

I feel so glad to be alive

Taking in such wonderous sites,

suddenly the sky turns red

Was it something  I said?

By Abbe Cutforth

9th Competition

A Clouded imagination By Abbe Cutforth

My metal mate

I wish I had a robot friend

That could talk and walk and maybe mend,

All my broken bits and bobs

And do all the other boring jobs,

He could talk to me on lonely nights

Keep me awake with pillow fights,

Do my work when I am sick

Get everything done twice as quick,

He could iron,clean,Hoover and wash

Even cook up some scrumptious nosh,

He could help me choose things to do

Maybe save my boredom too

A robot friend would be so great,

He would be my best ever mate

By Abbe Cutforth 2011

My Funny Bunny

I have a little bunny,

Who likes to skip and hop

He looks a little funny,

When he does his bop.


He searches in his hutch,

For food and all his toys

He doesn’t seem to think much,

To my sisters little boys.


When we are alone,

That’s when he comes alive

He talks about his old home,

And his sisters, he had 5.


I love my little bunny,

I tell him all the time

Although he’s a little funny,

I am so glad he is mine.

Abbe Cutforth

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