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I am lost, I am falling, I am now living in a world with no sleep; The night has become an ocean and I am drowning in the deep


The moon has become my sun,  The stars bring light to my sky; Staring at a ceiling unable to sleep, no matter how hard I try


I am living in a silent world full of artificial light; Words fall from this pen, as pages are filled with these darks verses that I write


My eye lids are feeling heavy now, But are my eyes already closed? Or is this just a longer blink; My mattress is turning into quicksand, As I slowly begin to sink


Soft whispers start to tumble and fall down,  I wonder am I asleep or am I still awake; Maybe this is all a daydream, and I am laying here just waiting for yet another dawn to break


As I fall deeper I feel my body lifting up high, as soft voices whisper they have heard me calling; But just as the sun begins to rise I wake up screaming as I feel my body falling.



My Baby Boy – Promote Yourse


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Every time I see you smile my mind makes an ever lasting memory to remember and enjoy;
An unconditional love now flows through my veins when I look into the eyes of My Baby Boy

The first time I held you your eyes projected an image that immediately imprinted onto my very soul, it was one memory that will forever remain in my heart;
It was like my past suddenly faded away and everything from that very moment was a brand new start

You created a brand new me, you reminded me to focus only on the good things and to forget about all of the bad;
You are my greatest ever creation, and no matter what you achieve in life i will always be proud to be your dad

I already spend hours talking to you, i keep forgetting that you are way to young to understand;
I can spend hours upon hours just watching you hold my finger with your tiny hand

You may keep us awake all night, and I now have a living breathing clock alarm;
But I want you to know that I would now lay down my life before I let you come to any harm

I have never really been that close to my own father, and maybe that is partly my fault because deep down if I am honest we both never really tried;
But I swear to you right here and now, no matter what you do in life good or bad, I will always be right by your side

I will teach everything I know about life, until oneday my baby boy becomes a man;
Yesterday I carried you outside and as we looked up to the clouds I told you stories about your great Grandad & Nan

Oneday you will be the man of the house, and when that day comes I want you to be strong and find power from the sun;
Just remember to keep on smiling, and to always look after your Sisters and Mum

But we have an entire lifetime ahead of us, a lifetime to make a million memories for us to all remember and enjoy;
So all that is left to do is seal this letter with a kiss, and sign it with love from Daddy to My Baby Boy

Dedicated to my son Rio -x-

New Year Wish


This new year I will not be wishing for stardom, I do not even want fortune and fame;
In fact I do not want anything to change, I want my life to stay to same 
Instead you can give my New Years wish to somebody who is feeling low;
Give it to the homeless man who has no place to go 
Grant the wishes of the dying children in Africa, so maybe they can get to drink clean water;
You can Give my wish to their parents, so maybe this year they will not have to say goodbye to their son or daughter 
You can take my New Years wish and give it to a child who’s daddy will never come home;
He may have died fighting for his country but he has left his baby all alone 
Please give my wish to the person who cannot smile, sadness is now their only expression;
Please give my New Years wish to the war widow before she sinks deeper into depression 
So please do not waste a wish on me when there are still children crying their hunger pain;
There is nothing In my life I need to change, I just want everything to stay the same 


Countdown to christmas


The snow is glistening brightly under the winter morning sun;

The countdown to Christmas has finally begun


But Christmas isn’t about presents,

It’s about having the people you love close and near;

For some people Christmas time is hard, as for them it’s the loneliest time of the year


So this Christmas when you are sitting around smiling, please spare a thought for the homeless man who will spend this holiday season on the street;

We may all be hoping for things we don’t really need, whilst others are wishing they just had new shoes on their feet


Some people will be missing their loved ones this Christmas,

And some people will see their tears falling with the snow;

I try to imagine our lost loved ones are the angel on top of my tree, and their love will follow us wherever we go


Some families will be split apart this Christmas, as thousands of parents are away fighting in a war, and all they will have is 5 minutes on a phone;

Their children have to become soldiers, and the only present they will ask for is their Daddy to come home


Some people will be alone this Christmas, and each one of them will be wishing they had a family to hug up to around a tree;

You may wonder how I know all this, well because a few years ago that person feeling alone was me


So this Christmas try to remember those of us who will still feel the cold under the winter sun;

The snow has started to fall, which means the countdown to Christmas has begun.




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