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Donkey Rides

On donkey’s back in heat of sun

With childlike trust he journeys on

Our waves, our cheers, bring knowing smile;

The cut’s gates less than a mile.

We urged him on with waving palms.

He knew the end, and yet was calm.

He rode along, ‘ Neath father’s gaze,

His view was clear, no dusty haze.

He knew full well the tide would turn

His kingly stance, the crowd would spurn.

But he could see a prize to  win,

Man’s cancelled  debt. An end to sin.

Remember now, at Easter-tide,

To look again at donkey rides.

To see beyond the palms and fun,

To truth, not fantasy, to god’s own son.

Remember well that ride to death ,

God died for you, whom he gave breath.

So kneel and pray, and ask,

And he will show the way that’s truly free.

Dave R West

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