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My Valentine

My love for you is deeper than the deepest ocean know

My love for you is higher than the astronauts have flown

My love for you is wider than the widest of the seas

My love for you is sweeter than the honey from the bees

My love for you grows stronger with each passing day

And in these simple words I am trying to say

It is a love which will last till time is  though

For there is love in my heart for no one but you

And the reason I am sending this Valentine

Is in hope that one day you will be mine

By Ron Martin

To My Valentine


My love for you is deeper than the deepest ocean known

My love for you is higher than the astronauts have flown

My love for you is wider than the widest sea

My love for you is sweeter than the honey from the bees

My love for you grows stronger every passing day

And in these simple words I am trying to say

That my love for you will past till time is through

For there is a love in my heart for no-one but you

And so I am sending you this Valentine

In the hope that one day you will be mine

Ron Martin



They stand in rows like soldiers on parade

Those memorial stones in the war cemetery

A poignant of those gallant men

Who died fighting to protect our liberty

Many words have been written about the great war

Words which describe the living hell

Words which should have a profound effect on our thinking

Words which remind us of the brave words who tell

They were fighting for the honour of our country

They were fighting to ensure we stayed free

That is what their sacrifice was made for

That is something that should be etched in our memory

These sacrifices should often be in our thoughts

Not just once a year on Remembrance day

When we watch the veterans march past cenotaph

Paying their tribute as the bands their solemn music play

We should think about those who cherish our traditions

We should think about those who died on a foreign shore

To think about the present and the future of our country

And to ask ourselves if this is what they were fighting for

Ron Martin

Stones which must be rolled away


ron stoned

When Mary went to the tomb of Jesus on that first Easter morn

She knew that she had a problem that she must solve that day

She knew that the tomb with a large stone had been sealed

The problem was “who would help her roll the stone away?”

This is a problem that was not unique to them

And it is one that each one of us must face

For there are many stones in our life that need to be rolled away

Stones that hinder every member of the human race

The first stone to be rolled away is the stone of sin

A tendency which all of us have inherited

The desire that we should always please ourselves

Which shows that our salvation has not been merited

The second stone is the stone of unbelief

Which we have no faith in a future life in eternity

The belief that we must get as much as we can from our life on earth

Without excepting there is a future life in eternity

The third stone to be rolled away is the sin of pride

The feeling that we are superior to those we know

We may well be proud of our achievements

But humility is the other face we should show

The fourth stone to be rolled away is the sin of idolatry

When we worship Gods that have been made by man

Things which might not be bad in themselves

But not the God who was present when the world began

The fifth stone to be rolled away is the stone of prejudice

When we erect barriers between ourselves and others that we meet

Our conclusions are often drawn before all the facts are known

In other words we make our judgement before our knowledge is complete

And there are many other stones that need to be rolled away

If from the tomb of misery we are to be freed

For if we could live a truly happy life

We must live the kind of life God decreed

Ron Martin

Mothers Day

mothers dayxxxxx

I often think of my childhood days

And the love that my mother showered on me

Helping me to achieve my ambitions

I become a respected member of society

Memories of her often come into my mind

And I remember the things she used to say

That if I wish to be a success in life

That hard work and honesty would pave the way

These words made a great impression on me

And although it is a long time since you passed away

Her impression helped to form my character

And that is why I am thinking of you today

Ron Martin

Mothers Day

Memories of my mother come flooding back to me

Only yesterday I thought of something she once said

That respect is something we must work for

Hard work, not fancies that come into our head

Everyday we have a chance to make an impression

Riding on our laurels is not the way to go

Seizing every opportunity must be our target

Delay will only fill us with regret

And the chance to succeed will be gone forever

Yesterday’s remembrance is something I must not forget

Written by Ron Martin

The Future Could Be Better



I’ve talked a man from jumping off a bridge

Into the dark waters swirling down below

He told me that he had not got much time to live

And that he thought that it was time for him to go


I told him that he should have some consideration

For all those that he would leave behind

I said, “It may provide you with an answer to your problem

But those you leave behind will have agony of mind”.


I said,” You may think you have a got problem

And the consequences of that fill your mind with fear

But one thing you should always remember

Is that you have got many friends who hold you dear”,



“These fiends will try and help you solve your problem

And will stick with you in your hour of need

All it needs is a bit of effort on your part

And together I am sure you will succeed”


After a few minutes of earnest conversation

The man looked up and said,”Oh.I see!

Iam rather pleased we had a little chat

Because the man I was speaking to was me


I’d managed to convince myself of the folly

Of what jumping from the bridge would do to me

That things might be a lot better in the future

So I thought I’d hang on and wait and see.

Ron Martin


Image result for Silent Voice Eng Sub

I know, I know just what you cannot tell

I know and understand so well

But yet your silent voice is heard

For I know and understand


There are words I long to hear

Words I have hoped to hear for many a year

But I know that you feel constrained

And because of this your heart is pained

I know and understand


But if you would make my heart rejoice

You have no need to use your voice

For if it’s true what I believe

And if my eyes do not deceive

Simply look into my eyes and hold my hand

And I will know and understand


Ron Martin

Missing you – Promote Yourself

ask heartxxxxxxxxxx 

Hello my darling I miss you

No longer arms to hold me tight

No longer to reassure me

As we embraced and kiss goodnight


My aching heart has now broken

My life to me is not worthwhile

The happy time we spent together

 Now missing your beautiful smile


I miss the long walks together

The way you always held my hand

The laughter we both enjoyed

As we walked upon the sand


All these happy memories I treasure

They all help to ease the pain

For I know one day my darling

We shall be both together again

Malcolm Bradshaw 

Getting Satisfaction

The sun has set in the western sky

The darkness of the night envelops the earth

It is the time to evaluate the results of our day

To establish if we did anything of real worth


Many things may have given us pleasure

But have we done anything to enhance the human race

We should realise that our lives affect others

And that kindly deeds make the world a better place


So, ask yourself did you do anything to improve the situation

Did you do something to help someone on their way

Did you do anything at all to benefit others?

Or was it just another wasted day


If so do not let guilt surround you

And to let your failure lead to distraction

Try and do better from now on

And I am sure this will bring satisfaction

Ron Martin

No Disgrace

If someone should take a close look at us,

What is it that they would really see?

Would it be someone who is proud of their reputation?

Someone who would call out, “I’m glad that I am me”.


Or someone who has failed to reach their potential,

Someone regarded as a person of low esteem,

Someone prepared to plough a lonely furrow,

Or one, who is not regarded as a member of the team?


It may well you’ll never be a winner,

Or even someone who has achieved a medal place,

The fact that some may never reach the winner’s rostrum,

Is something that many people have a face?


For every time there is a winner there is a loser.

And not to win is not really a disgrace,

Take a good look around at the non-runners,

And be proud that you were entered in the race.


For it’s not winning, but taking part that is important,

Being one prepared to face the challenge of the test

To lose should not fill you with disappointment,

For you can still be proud, if you’ve done your very best

Ron Martin

The Bridge of Love 

Each one of you is accompanied

By a soul from the world so bright

By a guide, companion or a teacher

That will lead you by their wonderful light


Someone who has the affinity with your Spirit

For where love is there is no separation

For if a loved one is in spirit

There is always a celebration


The etheric bridge can be crossed

Angels and your loved ones are there

By just raising you conscious mind

 Memories and thoughts you will share


By realising this truth within yourself

You can create the bridge of love

By believing in God the Father

You will converse with those above


When doubts assail your understanding

It’s only the promptings of your lower sight

The material self that cuts you off from loved ones

Who live in the world of light?


This message is for those who need comfort

 Reassurance of loved ones remain

The spirit of love never dies or forgotten

And there personalities are just the same  

Malcolm G Bradshaw 


Women owe a lot to Mrs. Emily Pankhurst,
Who was the first militant suffragette,
She suffered many trials and tribulations,
Which those who have followed should not forget.
She founded the Woman’s Social and Political Union,
This was in Manchester in the year nineteen hundred and three,
She was supported by her two daughters Christabel and Sylvia,
With votes for women as their first priority.
They moved to London to lobby the Liberal Government,
And set about heckling leading politicians of the day,
They performed attention seeking stunts at processions,
Anything to allow women to have their say.
At first their actions were quite peaceful,
But in Nineteen twelve they became more militant,
They were directed by Christabel from Paris,
To where she had fled, but where she became more dominant.
Mrs. Pankhurst spent several spells in prison,
She went on hunger strike and was subject to force feeding,
She was so intent on getting votes for women,
Nothing could diminish her enthusiasm for the campaign she was leading.
When the First World War started she called off her campaign,
Realising that there were more important things to do,
She concentrated her efforts organising National Service,
But about votes for women she never changed her point of view.
When the war ended the politicians modified their opinions,
They had been influenced by the Campaign for Women’s Suffrage,
But Mrs. Pankhurst’s ambitions were only partly satisfied,
When votes were only given to married women over thirty years of age.
So Mrs. Pankhurst continued with her campaign,
And eventually her aspirations were satisfied,
All women over twenty one were given the vote
In nineteen twenty eight, a few weeks before Mrs. Pankhurst died.
Mrs. Pankhurst’s campaign lasted five and twenty years,
Her name is now part of our country’s history,
What she did will never be forgotten,
For she has left women a valuable legacy.
Ron Martin


The many words she has inscribed upon the page
Reveal the unhappiness and anguish she has known
That she has suffered throughout her life can be seen
For in so many ways she has often felt alone
In her simple words she tries to show
Why it is difficult for her to understand
How life could deal her such cruel blows
Why fate had dealt her a losing hand
And so she picks up her pen to write
For she wants all the world to know
That unhappiness has marred her life
In the same way that the weather is blighted by the winter snow
But life is very much like seasons
The winter snow melts and spring eventually comes again
The sunshine will break through the clouded skies
And happiness will take the place of pain
And so she now faces life with hopes renewed
Knowing here are opportunities that she can take
Opportunities which will give her much satisfaction
And that failing to take them would be a terrible mistake
We can now see that her happiness is returning
But its completion may take a little while
The visions of joy which the future holds
Can now be seen in her winsome smile 
By Ron Martin


History has so many lessons to teach us
So many truths that we can discern
We might be concerned with events in the past
But it is the future which should be our main concern
This future will depend upon the preparation we make
The willingness to use the skills that we possess
To hone them to the peak of perfection
And not to adopt the attitude of those who couldn’t care less
There are some who think the world owes them a living
And that others should provide the benefits they crave
That a good pension will be provided for them in their old age
And that there is no need for them to save
But recent revelations have shown this to be an illusion
And that the country cannot afford the sums involved
That the number of people drawing pensions is increasing
It is a problem that must ultimately be solved
Otherwise the future for the older generations will be bleak
As they struggle to survive on what others can afford
If the poor cannot save for their old age
Then the Government will need to do something we can applaud
How much longer can the problem be ignored?
Can we continue to bury our heads in the sand?
It is a serious problem with which we are confronted
One which demands that the solution is carefully planned
Unless taxation is going to be dramatically increased
Then better use must be made of the revenue they currently take
Either way this will involve sacrifices by those enjoying a good standard
It’s a difficult decision that any future government must make 

Ron Martin

My Garden


My garden is a place i love to be

It’s like an island set in a tempestuous sea

Where i can withdraw from the problems of life

From a world torn with trouble and strife

It’s a place where contentment can be found

In appreciating the beauty which is all around

Above the silence there can be heard

The buzzing of the bee or the chirping fo a bird

It’s a place where many colours catch the eye

I can behold the beauty of the butterfly

If one looks closely there can be seen

Signs of where the aphis and slugs have been

Sometimes i get the feeling that i am not on my own

And that other power seeks to make its presence known

The fragrance of the flowers provides the air

And god seems to be speaking to me there

When i contemplate the power of the one in control

Peace and serenity descend upon my soul

I ask myself how did all this come to be?

And without god it must remain a mystery.

Ron Martin


Why are the leaders of the world so inept?
That they continue to allow tyrannies to thrive
Why are they not prepared to take action?
To ensure that thousands starving to death are kept alive
Is it because they appear to be of no value
That their countries are not vital to the world’s economy
There may be other reasons for their inaction
But that is how it appears to me
What are they doing about drug production?
Which destroys so many people’s lives
Columbia continues to export tons of cocaine
The growing of opium poppies in Afghanistan still thrives
In the Sudan people are still dying of starvation
And thousands are being subjected to cruelty
We’ve seen the television reports which confirm this
And our Foreign Minister says it is a tragedy
But why do we allow these things to continue
Knowing it will cause millions to suffer a dire fate
Talking about it will not provide the solution
Action is required before it is too late
Ron Martin

Good Manners

I held the door to allow a lady to enter a shop
And as a result I got a very pleasant surprise
For she stood, looked at me, and said “Thank You”
Her good manners brought a tear to my eyes
For good manners are very scarce today
I thought they had been consigned to history
Why this should be is hard to understand
In fact it has become quite a mystery
For when we were young we were taught to be polite
To stand up on a bus to let a lady sit down
But that does not appear to be the practice today
As I observe when I travel on the tram into town
Are good manners not being taught in our schools
Are the teachers too busy teaching dancing and singing?
We should never underestimate good manners
For they are a sign of a good upbringing
It has been said that good manners cost nothing
But their benefits are hard to evaluate
They can have a profound effect on our charisma
And can lift us from being average to first rate
Good manners help to improve relationships
And these are important as we travel on life’s way
For we all expect other people to respect us
And it is important that good manners are taught today 
By Ron Martin

Just Thinking

old man
I was sitting by the fire, listening to the radio
Thinking of my life so many years ago
The things I did as a child, and as a youth
And began to realise that I must face the truth
That now by body is racked with aches and pain
I shall never be able to do such things again.
I used to meet my young friends in the park
And play with them until it was getting dark
The hardest thing that we had to decide
Was whether we would go backwards down the slide?
Oh yes, there was one other thing
How high we dare go on the swing.
Those childhood days went quickly past
And I became grown up at last
Exams were passed, my school days were over
Until then I had not realised I had been in clover
Now there was less time to play
I had to go out to earn my pay
Now, I found that this was hard to do
It seemed that everyone was watching you
To see if you would make the grade
And put your work mates in the shade
Or would just sit back and hope no one
Would think it was time that you had gone
And now I am old I can look back
Thankful that there is nothing that I lack
As I sit here I must face the truth
And accept that I have lost my youth
Thinking of the things that I used to do
As I sit by the fire listening to the radio
Ron Martin


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
That’s what one of the Laws of Physics has to say
But it is not one we should take into consideration
When we think about the way we live our lives today
In our personal lives every action can invoke reaction
For other people usually react to the way we act
They are likely to adopt a similar disposition
Whether we like it or not it is a fact
The way we act towards other people is important
If we are a happy person we shall spread happiness everywhere we go
For the way we act is bound to cause a reaction
If we exude sadness it can spread to everyone we know
The way we react to other people is important
For if they are seeking to spread happiness
We should ensure that our reaction is one of pleasure
Otherwise we could be the one to cause distress
If we take a positive attitude to everything we do
We shall find this will encourage others to do the same
Their reaction will reflect the way we are
And we could all be winners in life’s game
By Ron Martin


man on bed
I lay upon my bed, my mind was full of doubt,
I tried to understand what life is all about,
I hoped that in some way the answer would become clear,
And when I understood, this would rid me of my fear.
I’d taken a close look at life, and disliked what I saw,
People who had plenty, demanding even more,
There did not seem a way to satisfy their greed,
For while other people struggle, they have far more than they need.
And then I looked at myself and came to realise,
That I could look the same through other people’s eyes,
My attitude might lead others to think I do not really care,
Since of life’s treasures I too am seeking a bigger share.
Can this be wrong? I had to ask myself.
Is it really wrong to seek to get more wealth?
By wanting a bigger share of life’s treasure store,
Could it be that I am making other people poor?
The thought that this could be filled me with remorse,
It made me realise that my life should take a different course,
From now on I realised that I should try to be,
Someone who was concerned for the whole of society.
When this realisation came into my mind,
I knew that I must try it, hoping that I would find
Contentment in my soul, the answer was very clear,
People would take a look at me and know I really care.
Of other people’s problems I really am aware,
And in many ways I have tried to show I care,
When other people take a close look at me,
That is the image I hope that they will see.
Ron Martin
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